Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Don't say we don't provide a bit of variety here at Style Salvage. I've been lost in a world (cup) of football for the last week and a bit, only really thinking about clothes when the camera cuts to the managers' dugout but when I saw these football inspired tops (here), they made me smile and so I just had to share them. A clever use of clothing to brighten up your day!

Image by Milan Daniels

Amsterdam based creatives Bas Van de Poel and Daan Van Dam have created a range of t shirts in support of the Dutch Football Federation. Worn 'normally', they look like any other (bright orange) top... but when a player of the dutch team scores, the wearer can pull the front of their shirts over their heads to become one of the players.

Image by Milan Daniels

Hooray! Steve reckons it's a good thing that these aren't made with the England squad on them... they probably wouldn't sell as well with Rooney or Crouch's faces on them! Though even if they did make them, with the way that England have been playing so far I don't think we'd need to worry about celebrations too much...

Update: Erectizm has pointed out that this has been done before... when Getafe were sponsored by Burger King last year. It's slightly less cool when it's the Burger King's creepy face though!


Make Do Style said...

Ha ha - think you might be right about the England team. I've been caught up in it all too. Portuguese match best so far for goals.

oensh said...

oh cool.. like the last pic..
and the shot..

hey guys:
check out my new blog: i heartoensh.blogspot.com

love your blog and
lots of love and support..

EML said...

haha this is so cool! They should do that for other countries too. (so girls would habe a good gift idea for you guys!)

Syed said...

Germany sucks this year...white t-shirts and cardigans are not as good a look as they could have had. Fabio is looking pretty sharp, although I guess it may be one of the last time he is pitch side for England, so he'd better pull out all the stops today.


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