Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pick 'n' mix

Bonjour! Back on the same island at last!

Don't know if this has caught your eye yet, but I'd wager it'll be on your wish list soon. For the indecisive... the Diesel Puzzle trainer:

Not three different pairs of shoes, but one pair three ways. The first is a pretty regular, but delightfully shiny trainer. Next, something a little more substantial, something that might lend a work suit a nice little edge. Last, a high top, again with the delightfully shiny. I LOVE patent shoes right about now (more about that at a later date), so these are tempting. Sadly, they didn't have them in anywhere I looked so I can't give you a first hand impression. I'm not entirely convinced, though i like the idea of maybe taking the bits to work and changing your look slightly. I remain an Adi-whore though. (seriously, that last pair doesn't look like much in that pic, but me want)

Bon soir! It is great to have you back in ol' Blighty!

I am so tired but couldn't resist replying to this post! Seriously, it was BAD idea getting the Eurostar straight to work this morning, not only did it mean an early start but it also meant I had to go to work resembling a drowned rat...and I wanted to be the personification of Paris Chic! I have come across these before and they are on my wish list. Patent shoes and accessories in general though are so damn appealing. Just like a magpie to silver I am drawn to black patent trainers wanting to take each pair I see away with me back to my nest. These are better value for money than any others I've seen in recent shopping outings. The Hi tops are currently the best way to wear these though but it is nice having that option to transform the shoe. I'm interested in seeing these up close so I can examine the mechanism/fastening. I definitely have to see them in the leather. The images make the first two options look really clumpy and I like sleek trainers. The Lanvin Hi Tops are higher up on my wish list. Speaking of which, I drooled over the Lanvin window yesterday. I will post within the next day or so about the cool style facets I saw during my time in Paris.


j said...

I don't get the high top thing. I like my shoes to fit like ballet slippers. I like to feel myself move. I don't want to clunk around and I don't need extra ankle support. My favorite shoes the past year have been Puma H Streets. They are black with (faux) patent leather. I feel like I am dancing in them.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Ah J you are missing out on some great trainer action if you overlook the hi tops! Im not a huge Nike fan but dunks look so beautiful. I actualy prefer looking at them than wearing them though. Speaking of Hi Tops i've just seen some lovely ones in Dazed, Adidas vs Crooked Tongues. I've overlooked Puma for the last few years. My affair with Adidas turned in a marriage and I've not looked at another pair of trainers since...aside from the occassional flirtatious look at a pair of Nike Dunks. I promise to look up your Pumna H Streets now...

EJ said...

don't tell anyone, but i've never worn high tops and i'm not quite sure i 'get' them. i agree with steve re the looking at them thing, but i just can't work out how to make them work with anything i wear or how i want to look.
as for puma, i went into their shop in boston and was sadly unwhelmed... then again, american trainers in general seemed to be a lot crapper than european trainers.


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