Tuesday, 1 December 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

If we've learnt anything about Christmas, it's that it's all about rampant consumerism, so this year our advent calendar will be a list of our wildest commercial desires. Expect to see the ridiculous, the sublime and the exclusive... we're hoping that Father Christmas subscribes to our RSS feed. You never know.

Behind our imaginary first door is Ally Capellino's 'Michael' bag. This leather satchel is the right mix of public school boy and chic Italian graphic designer (we're aware that that's a very specific mix). We can't decide whether we prefer it in brown or in red so one of each would be handy.

Bonus Christmassy feelings: Ally Capellino will be donating 5% of all takings in their shop and website during December to the Children with Aids charity. Aww.


J said...

I love this brand. Good pick for the Christmas list and I agree it is the season to spend spend spend

Matthew Spade said...

the green one please!


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