Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Any given Sunday...

Issue nineteen of O, Diesel's Renzo Rosso graces the cover.

Is there anything better than waking up late on a Sunday morning to the aromas of a cooked breakfast and a cafetiere of quality coffee and the sights of a bright Spring morning and a crisp copy of your favourite weekend newspaper? This scenario can only be bettered by the fact that the aforementioned Sunday publication includes a copy of O, the Observer's Fashion Supplement by Tank dedicated to fashion four times a year...oh and replace Sunday with Tuesday! Ha! Issue nineteen of the well read supplement is dedicated to menswear and Spring/Summer '10. The astute amongst you will know that it came out two Sunday's ago but I'm playing catch up because I was out of the country and well, this magazine is just too good to miss. In this issue we learn that Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel wants to build a luxury empire without the luxury bit, are reminded how one of the UK's most radical designers, Aitor Throup has ended up making the kit Englan will wear in this summer's world cup as well as listening in to a conversation with menswear designer and photographer Tamburlain Gorst. So, humour me...pour yourself a coffee, close your eyes and pretend that it is Sunday...

The stars of the season reveal their picks for the season.

In addition to offering their own essentials for the warmer months ahead including espadrilles by Paul Smith, a canvas suitcase from Pickett and aviator sunglasses from Fabris Lane, the O team ask a few of the stars of the season for their own personal picks. On such star is Marc Hare who offers his tips for hot legs this summer. Mr Hare's four picks include Mr Hare Capotes, Turnbell & Asser socks, James Long leather biker trousers and Opi nail varnish in jade. For the latter he concedes that after wearing elegant shoes every day, the aesthetic of his bare feet just wasn't cutting it so now you can tell he is Mr Hare even without the shoes. One thing is for certain, I'll be looking down at his feet next time I bump in to him.

Soft Tailoring and Bold Colour. Photography by Brendan & Brendan with Richard Pierce as Fashion Editor

The supplements contains one of the strongest editorials I have encountered so far this season. Soft Tailoring and Bold Colour does exactly what it says on the tin by dishing up the modern art of smart casual. The stills see in the magazine are actually screen grabs taken from a video which is available to view over on Because Magazine. During this video models Broed and Tristan suffered for their art by holding their poses while gallery visitors milled around in the background. For me, both the stills and video feel like a fresh spring fashion breeze.

Soft Tailoring and Bold Colour. Photography by Brendan & Brendan with Richard Pierce as Fashion Editor

One of the key fashion articles within these pages is penned by editor Peter Lyle who discusses how after a decade of seemingly mutual suspicion, high fashion and sportswear has finally got something interesting to talk about again and how he sees the new England kit as just the beginning of a rekindled relationship.

Sport and Fashion. The example of Aitor Throup

The way in which sport's influences on men's fashion surges and shrinks has always been fascinating to me and I'd love to look at the issue with a bit more historical insight one day (just add that to the list of blog topics I've been promising) but Aitor Throup certainly represents and interesting development. My thoughts on the designer are well discussed throughout this blog but it is always a pleasure to be reminded that one of the UK's most exciting design talents has ended up designing the kit that England will wear in this summer's World Cup.

The Son Also rises, Nick and John Hurt.

If my eyes were not dazzled enough by the featherlight tailoring and bold colour of the previous editorial they are then introduced with the sight of John and Nick Hurt wearing the very best of this season's heritage and workwear inspired pieces. The duo certainly dress and play the part well. The acting legend and his rising son bring a sense of real integrity and substance to the clothes.

The Son Also rises, Nick and John Hurt.

There is something dirty about lazily flicking through these pages intended for weekend eyes on a dull Tuesday but I like it. Why can't every day be Sunday and why can't every Sunday offer something as thoughtful and as varied as O?


Syed said...

How have I never picked up O before?! This will have to be remedied. Yum at the bright colours, although I am deciding which pair of pastel jeans to pick up from Uniqlo, so I may not be that loud this summer.

It was wonderful to meet you in real life (which sounds weird, but tis the times we live in I suppose!).

Style Salvage Steve said...

Syed: How could you not? I've only just found out that the supplement is only available here in London but you have no excuse. Yes, I love this spread but why not mix pastels with bold colours?

Anonymous said...

The one week I don't get the weekend papers (chores, friends and F1 got in the way)and it's the week with the Tank supplement in it! Sods law or what.

Popped to the newsagents to see if there are any left over copies knocking around but they've all been sent back.



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