Friday, 12 March 2010

Little Doodles

This season for LFW we decided to do something a bit different. Going to the shows is a great experience, but looking over catwalk photos afterwards can be a bit mind numbing. In order to appreciate the clothes better and look at them in a slightly different way we approached illustrator Kate Wilson to pick out and illustrate her favourite looks. You may have seen Kate's work before. Her blog, Little Doodles, showcases her work which includes charming plump birds sporting outlandish hair and hats and often combine two of our favourite subjects- fashion and food. Her other blog (who just has ONE blog these days?), the Wingtipper, features her purely fashion related illustrations- imaginary outfits, looks from the catwalk and everyone's favourite, Uncle Karl. Frankly, she's so stinking talented that we might have to hate her if she wasn't so lovely as well. We're not the only people who think she's great though- her cards are soon to be stocked in Paperchase nationwide and in the V&A shop. We should also point out that she has an Etsy shop. Just saying. So, we hand you over to the capable and talented hands of Kate who will talk you through some of her favourite looks from AW10. Her illustrations certainly breathe fresh life in to her selected highlights of menswear day and beyond...we hope you enjoy them...


Burberry - "As someone with a liking (ie. addiction) to a good warm coat both the mens and womens shearling outerwear appealed to me..."


James Long - "The combination of knitwear and leather caught my eye..."


A Child of the Jago - "I like the Dandy hints mixed in with the rock and roll edge"


JW Anderson - "It was the floral boots and backpacks that really caught my eye but I'm also a plaid fan and thought it would be an interesting challenge to paint!"


Carolyn Massey - "I really liked the pink accents mixed in with the black and grey..."


Lou Dalton - "Although there were other looks with eye catching colour and pattern I liked this one because of the combination of textures. It made the neutral palette really interesting."


Pure Aesthetic said...

Really stunning. Am completely fed up with seeing reams of similar catwalk photos popping up on every fashion blog for weeks and weeks after they show. Somehow these pictures capture more of the essence of the looks than a straight photo ever can.

J said...

Just beautiful. My favourite fashion images of the season!

Unknown said...

Those drawings are absolutely amazing, they say so much with the fewest strokes of a brush.

iliketweet said...

I adore Little Doodles, she's incredibly talented. These are beautiful as per!



Anonymous said...

green jacket is great! enjoyed your blog too!

check out my site when you can!!!



Anonymous said...

Amazing illustrations

Syed said...

Yes, yes and more yes to the James Long. And she's going to be stocked in Paperchase? Totally going to snap those up.

TheSundayBest said...

If this isn't a book I don't know what is. Someone give this lady a book deal!


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