Tuesday, 2 March 2010

H by Harris AW10: Manouevre

H by Harris' collection for AW10, Manoeuvre.

Regular readers will recall that the debut H by Harris collection comprised itself of two lines, the Q hand quilted nappa leather and the SH wax hide leather collection. Both left me wanting to sell an organ or turn to a life of crime just to have one hanging off his arm. Fast forward to a new season and although I have all of my organs in tact and have yet to don a mask or swing a swag bag over my shoulder, I fear the new temptation might push me over the edge...

The revised H jacket. Something that I've been drooling over ever since I first saw it on Style Bubble

Over the last week I have had two opportunities to inspect H by Harris' offering for AW10, first at the showroom next door and then again inside the Fashion East Menswear Installations. Both times Harris' creations were giving me that come hither look and what can I say aside from the fact that I am weak willed and easily led astray. The collection, titled Manoeuvre, is based on the desire to travel effortlessly, be that through familiar territory or foreign landscapes. This collection aspires to a freedom of movement with courier inspired stealth and ease. Here, H by Harris presents a series of luggage which fuses function with design to enable it to withstand any daily routine.

Quilted luggage that made my heart skip at the Showroom Next Door.

AW10 sees the introduction of two new ranges to the luxurious tactile, leather luggage mix, Co and L. The Co (Courier) features deluxe duffel bags in nappa and soft hides, incorporating the 'H' diamond quilt that I've been salivating over for some time. A play on scale and tessellation sees the development of the H jacket in to the H Biker. The L (laundry) range excuse the virtues of simplicity. Simplicity at its finest in fact. Voluminous bags with a single detail, each made from nuback and soft hides.

Where the line evolved from. Harris' personal need to find a stylish yet practical laptop case. he result is one sexy home for you macbook.

Harris' personal need to find a stylish yet practical laptop case has continued to evolve into a thoroughly modern, yet understated luxury luggage brand which is designed and manufactured in the UK. For AW10, the muse is the fixed gear individual. The men and women who traverse with deft and skill through fast paced environments. Seeing fixed gear bikes as objects of great design, H by Harris has developed a collection that is inspired by motion, using the riders and their needs as the main point of reference. I have been toying with the idea of getting off my ever expanding ass and on to a bike each morning but thus far despite the obvious attractions of a fixed gear bike, my fleshy tush has alluded the pull of any saddle. As I cannot speak from experience I look for examples where I've seen fixed gear bikes in action and I can instantly recall The Tweed Run as featured on ACL and The Sunday Best respectively (though the latter deleted the post and a number of other beauties in a moment of madness). This exhibition of fixed gear sartorial prowess was found wanting in the luggage department. No longer thanks to H by Harris' latest offering

Temptation was at every turn inside his installation for Fashion East.

To coincide with the launch of the launch of Manouevre, Harris has collaborated with the director Manny Bonett to create a viral campaign featuring some of the UK's finest fixed gear cyclists. The soon to be released short film 'Fixed' presents a sartorial gang of riders spiraling the ramps of a car park where they perform stunts. Having caught a glimpse of the film at LFW, it is an altogether different type of fashion video that we have all come to accustomed to viewing alongside a new collection. "The aim of the film was to create beautiful with energy that has you on the edge as you are certain what is coming next." At some point over the next few weeks we will unveil the video but until then we'll just have to collectively drool over H by Harris' latest series of luxurious and tactile luggage.

Two messenger bags from the new Co range.


Lynn said...

great design!

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amazing designs...i'm loving quilted products right now!


LED Signs said...

Wow, very good designs. I really love to have quilted products and also love to have such bags with me. The are really awesome.


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