Saturday, 27 March 2010

Introducing Huxley

Introducing Huxley

Normally I would not be awake before nine on a Saturday morning but the bright sunshine streaming through my blinds forced me to open my tightly clenched eyes and inspired me to haul my arse out of bed. Before I venture out and explore the outside world,I thought it apt to celebrate the glorious Spring day by introducing you to a colourful knitwear brand, Huxley. Two unanswered but seemingly simple questions were the catalyst for the brand to come in to being; Where has all the vibrant coloured knitwear gone? And why are we all so quick to eschew British manufacturing? In order to address both these issues Huxley has set out to produce high quality, brightly coloured, British-made knitwear. We should be thankful for their inquisitive nature.

In light of the somewhat depressing sea of grey, navy and brown that seems to dominate so menswear floors, Huxley’s rainbow coloured jumpers are a welcome change. Back in February 2009 a sartorial and ruthless whirlwind (also known as EJ) blew through my wardrobe for a spot of early Spring (wardrobe) cleaning. One of the most shocking findings of that day was the lack of colour in my wardrobe. Since that day I have taken it upon myself to experiment more with colour. I think we are all guilty of being drawn to a certain colour palette on the rails whilst shopping but why not take a risk or two and have a little fun with the way we dress? Thanks to polychromatic high street stores like Uniqlo and American Apparel men are now embracing significantly more optimistic and bright hues. It is great to see a brand such as Huxley emerge which balances its colourful range with a belief that provenance is as equally key.

The range of colour, my current favourites are the Coral and Cobalt Blue.

The provenance of their factories has always been of the utmost importance to Huxley. Their one hundred per cent merino wool jumpers are produced in Scotland by a fantastic knitwear manufacturer, one that can trace its heritage in Scottish knitwear right back to 1874. For their equally colourful socks, they rely on a family owned firm that has been in the business of sock making since 1895 and is now run by the third and fourth generation descendants of the founder. Huxley currently sell two styles of jumper, a v-neck and a crew neck. They like to keep things simple and let the jumpers talk for themselves. As for the socks, they sell them in eight of the brightest and best colours in the world. The jumpers are made from one per cent merino wool making them ideal for year round wear but particularly on these Spring days. The socks are made from luxurious cotton and can be worn for any occasion to add colourful character to a man's stride. As the sun becomes a welcome fixture in the sky, this is the time to add a little pomp and colour to an outfit. This is the time to have a little fun each morning...

Huxley offer a sense of fun with their use of colour.


Anonymous said...

I love that men are wearing more colour. This label has it spot on.

Anonymous said...

hey pal- really interested in reading your blog so much so I've just started follwoing this other interesting one. Seems to hit the money with all the latest trend. It's on

Brian said...

Colour socks and sweaters look great. But can't stand dirty white sneakers.

Unknown said...

ooh nice. i agree, i too love that men are wearing more colour...;))


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