Thursday, 22 July 2010

The circus is coming to town

Camo bring the circus to town for AW10.

Despite suffering from coulrophobia I have always had an odd fascination with the circus and all of the odd eccentricities they entail. Hazily looking back now over my childhood in Kent I can remember experiencing a cocktail of excitement, dread, anxiety, anticipation and wonder during each Summer holiday at the realisation that one of the traveling circuses were pitching their tents in a field a few clown foot steps away from my house. Even thinking about it now brings those same feelings flooding back to me. In spite of the sweaty palms and racing heart, the circus would always leave me spell bounded. Even though I would have to cover my eyes at the sight of any ridiculously small car and its inhabitants the rest of the show would ignite my imagination. Somehow, the thrills and spills of the circus always entertained. Now the boy might've grown up but I'm just excited by the news that Camo have pitched their tent for AW10.

After first learning about Camo inside the sartorial Disneyland that is Pitti Uomo I introduced the Italian labels SS11 collection, entitled Country. For Country, designer Stefano Ughetti examined the roots of Biellese farmers and shepherds living a simple and proud life. Through using fabrics made in North West Italy, Stefano celebrates his heritage while supporting local industry and Italian craftsmanship. However, after clapping eyes on the AW10 look book I can't help but take you back to it. I have to confess to feeling something like a lone trapeze artist, swinging from AW10 to SS11, dizzying myself waiting for an outstretched arm to guide me over. Fashion moves so fast and at this point in to a season I am always a little confused. No matter, we have to push on and why not in the direction of the circus..?

For AW10 Camo want to enchant people again by showcasing something spectacular and surprising. Once upon a time the circus world was an amusement for everyone, especially for those who couldn't travel or see anything different or strange and this collection, that once again showcases the designer's support for local industry and Italian craftsmanship. As the designer experiments with colour and cut this is a collection that like the circus, contains a diverse ensemble of intriguing, exciting and wondrous characters. Ughetti has managed to create a sartorial circus without playing dress up.

For Ughetti, "Everyone has a piece of circus within himself 'cause we are all a bitty clowns or aerialists or tightrope walkers or comedians." Now, the thought of that might strike deep in to my heart but part of that sentiment excites me.

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queengilda said...

omg i absolutely LOVE circuses!! not so much the clowns... but i do love circuses! i think i got obsessed when i was a kid reading enid blyton, and one of my favourite books of hers was mr galliano's circus. i loved the entire series!! i VERY much wanted to become a ringmistress or ride on horses...

anyway this collection is so cute and i love the styling. the best part is probably the model they chose for the line sheet! love it! so unconventional!


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