Monday, 5 July 2010

LCF BA Graduate Showcase: Minako Tsuda

LCF Graduate Minako Tsuda's gentlemanly bundle of braces and bow ties.

Back in March, the London College of Fashion unveiled a 'pop up' gallery space on Carnaby Street to help showcase its graduate work. So far the space has played host to a rolling programme of exhibitions and events and will continue to do just that throughout the summer. From footwear to illustration, photography to clothing and accessories the space is transformed to present new work every few weeks. This weekend I ventured down to the space to examine and marvel at the static showcase of the college's BA Footwear, Accessories and Clothing students. In the basement space I soon came across the work of Minako Tsuda. Tsuda's playful leather schoolboy rucksacks and gentlemanly document holders which hark back to a different, altogether more romantic sartorial era.

A look at Tsuda's inspirations.

The exhibition space provided the opportunity to flick through each students portfolio and I spent quite some time at Minako Tsuda's as it was a visual treat. Tsuda's graduation collection was inspired by 1930s to 1950s classic British men's shoes and the men wearing them. Inspiration came from everything from the shape of the heels to design details including hooks with strings and the seams of a cricket ball. As a result the collection whimsically looks back at ol' England. Even when times were tough there were a good number of men who loved dressing well and looking good.

Tsuda's decidedly English inspirations

As I longingly stroked Tsudo's leather creations in the basement of the exhibition space I was instantly transported back in time, surrounded by a gathering of preppy dandies from the mid twentieth century. If this is difficult for you to imagine, the graduate has thankfully shot a look book that mirrors the association of my mind quite wonderfully...

It is clear that Tsudo has a passion to create accessories that are playful and quirky, not very serious, just like her own personality. The talented graduate believes that all of her found and imagined characters appear in her finished designs. She loves to see people smile with her designs and prescribes to the belief that dressing each morning should not be a chore or a bore. I for one agree and certainly had a smile of my face as I stroked her designs.


Unknown said...

Really appreciated. Flashed back into an other century full of great gent`s style and nostalgia.

Style Salvage Steve said...

FashionLifeCoach: Exactly! The collection takes a fond glance back but at the same time doesn't feel too dress up. These bags are cute but functional.

Masha said...

great style! omg

Lala Lopez said...

what beautiful use of color in all of her pieces. great design for timeless pieces with just enough modernity.

Jay A said...

She seems quite talented. I really love her aesthetics and the use of all the colors


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