Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hickoree's Hard Goods

It is rare when both of us here at Style Salvage are stopped in our virtual tracks by a website. When EJ clicked on one of Little Doodles' Gimme Gimme Gimme posts this week she soon fell in love with Hickoree's Hard Goods online store and I wasn't all that far behind. Carefully selected products. Simply but beautifully presented. Both of us love how the site keeps a straight and narrow line of uncomplicated, timeless design which elevates the important facets of the store, the products. We soon wanted to fill our shopping baskets as we screamed in unison, "Must have everything!"

One hundred and ninety two temptations.

Hickoree’s Hard Goods is run by two brothers, Emil and Sandy Corsillo, who also happen to be creators and owners of The Hill-Side. As there own small label produces neckties and handkerchiefs in New York City’s garment district, Hickoree's similarly leans towards offering American made products while getting excited about the provenance of both new and old items. Both have a keen interest in selecting seemingly uncommon goods for their online store, merging both new and old items together to create a retail environment full of interest and discovery. The vintage clothing is mixed in as a way to lend some context to the new products on offer. Everything makes perfect sense.

"We are constantly striving to make Hickoree’s a place where you don’t expect to find all these particular things together, but when you look at the store as a whole it really makes perfect sense."
Emil and Sandy Corsillo speaking to oneeightnine earlier this year.

The store currently offers one hundred and ninety two temptations, below are just a small selection of our favourite products...

Old Hickoree's. Sweet-Orr "Tug-O-War" Match Box.

The mark of any good store is seducing the customer in to parting ways with their hard earned cash. As soon as this post goes live we would have purchased a good number of these items. Maybe even the match box. Now, neither of us have any real use for this product but both of us would probably kill for it. With the recent discovery of Hickoree's Hard Goods Store our online shopping habits, which tend to amount to little more than afternoon procrastination fodder, have now turned expensive and a little dangerous.


Lee said...

Wow that belt is quite handsome. Good post. Good store.

joy said...

This is a treat. I am always looking for American, French, and British made goods!



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