Wednesday, 21 July 2010

LCF BA Graduate Showcase: Makoto Taguchi

The footwear design craft of Makoto Taguchi

Over the last few months we have been treated to an array of graduate design talent from this years crop. I have shared my highlights throughout and there is more than enough time to showcase another. At the beginning of the month I shared the talents of Minako Tsuda whose playful leather schoolboy rucksacks and gentlemanly document holders harked back to a different, altogether more romantic sartorial era. Tsuda was of the LCF BA Footwear, Accessories and Clothing students graduates on show at the pop up gallery space on Carnaby Street that left me inspired. Makoto Taguchi was the other and I can now excitedly share images from his intriguing footwear collection. I was taken by this Cordwainers Footwear graduate's talent at combining various shoe making techniques, from traditional hand sewn methods to modern glued shoes, with the introduction of his own, fresh ideas. Taguchi's design philosophy is simplicity after complicated process. The best way for me to demonstrate this to you is to show you his collection in some detail...

I'll begin with my own personal favourite. Taguchi's Derby, removable boot.

A closer look at the Derby boot from all angles.

Transforming the boot in to a shoe with the help of beautiful leather lace work.

I love the sense of well crafted quality that exude from this pair.

Taguchi's second design. Classic plus whole cut.

Once again the boot transforms...

I love the combination of the contrasting leather and wood sole.

Ornament, Structure, Button. This boot seemingly has it all.

A close up at a few of the key details.

Ornament, Structure, Ski hook. This is certainly Taguchi's most adventurous design but once again there is a real balance.

A closer look, ski hook and all.

The last design is simply titled, Cut.
A look at a few of the processes involved.

A closer look at the shoe's profile.

Makoto Taguchi's graduate collection displays an array of techniques, traditional and otherwise. The graduate ultimately showcases a real and exciting passion for shoe making. Each design is close to bursting point with meaningful details but nothing feels superfluous. There is a real balance between them. The diverse details combine to create shoes to covet. The real surprising element for me is that each shoe exudes a well crafted quality that is most rare to find in a graduate collection. I for one am excited to see what Taguchi does next but one thing is for sure, my feet will no doubt be treated to a pair one day soon.


Unknown said...

these are amazing!!!

i prefer the second boot and the 3rd one, which seems to have an ostrich leather...

constantin_c said...

OMG! wonderful, user-friendly nature plus fashion!!!

Matthew Spade said...

this feels so innovative and really photographs well doesn't it. you're so going to be after a pair

sarah said...

this, this, this. amazing.

Justin FitzPatrick, The Shoe Snob said...

can't say that I would wear these but I think that the idea is great and that it is wonderful to see young designers trying to take things to a new level and create things that have never been done before especially since I feel like there is so much redundancy in fashion.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Elizar33: Ooh I'm not sure about the use of ostrich leather, I'll find out! I do love the textures of the Ornament boot but I can really see myself in a pair of the Derby boots.
Constantin C: Exactly.
Mat: Yes the shoot really brought the collection to life. I only saw a few pieces at the LCF exhibition and wanted to see more. I was blown away by these. As for me...I just might.
Sarah: Glad you like the collection. The images came out amazing.
The Shoe Snob: Exactly, I really appreciate those sentiments. These designs aren't for everyone but I'm please that the you find the variety of techniques and desire to innovate to be interesting.

Syed said...

That last one is stunning, I am loving the layering. And the look of all the soles make me happy.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Syed: There is something comforting in the hand made quality of the soles in particular.


These are remarkable! I absolutely am in love with quality footwear.... my boyfriend is drooling over these. :)

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! So very clever and they look beautifully constructed, Mat pointed me in the direction of them the other day.

I love the first black boot, they all kind of remind me of a modern day Chaplin.


lipstick & balloons

Anonymous said...

I love the tan boot. I also liked the zippers on the jacket. Who designed the jacket?


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