Friday, 27 August 2010

Sibling's Comic Horror Shoot

For Aw10 Sibling took us on a creepy journey for their fourth collection. Last February, deep inside Somerset House's East Wing we were led down the staircase, round the corner and through the door and in to Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory and into a world of fright and fear. Creative agency This is Real Art worked with Sibling to publicise this ‘Comic Horror’ collection. The agency came up with the idea of photographing scared-looking models wearing the clothes. They wanted to capture moments of genuine expressions of fear. Of course, the best way to do this is to really scare the models.

Working with the production company COY! and photographer Sean de Sparengo, an eerie environment was created, using total darkness and a bespoke fright inducing soundtrack. The models were led into the studio, unable to see a thing and made to stand on a spot for several minutes. They were then scared using an incredibly loud horror noise. Simultaneously, the photographs were taken and the look book created.

The video brings backs haunting memories. A few months ago now, I went to Ghost Stories, a truly terrifying theatrical experience written and directed by The League of Gentlemen's master of the macabre, Jeremy Dyson, and Andy Nyman, co-creator and director of Derren Brown's television and stage shows and star of Dead Set and Severance. Had there been a video camera catching my squeals and moments of skin jumping, the evidence would undoubtedly have looked remarkably similar to the models here. I both shudder and smile at the thought and share each models pain.

With each season the design trio combine the wonderful craft of knitwear with an added sense of humour. In fact, when we interviewed them earlier this year they conceded that "Sibling is all about humour in a very English way that may come across as being a bit silly at times." This video certainly encapsulates just that. I'm looking forward to seeing what the design trio create next. Roll on next month and Menswear Day!

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