Monday, 9 August 2010

In discussion: Time travelling style

Throughout history there have been countless sartorial snapshots or eye pleasing periods of men's dress which we look back on now either wishing we could experience for ourselves or indeed wanting to emulate that particular sense of style in the present day. Here we talk to a selection of our favourite designers to hear which periods of style or which fashion moment they would gladly hope in to Doc's Delorean to experience for themselves...


If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?


Nick Thomas, Head Menswear designer at John Smedley.

"I remember someone telling me about the moment that the first ever dye colour was discovered, Mauve. What a moment that must have been, to see it appear on cloth, and how different from the normal dreary palettes of yore. It paved the way for brands like us for who colour is integral. We’ve got a lot to be thankful for, it made the world a much more colourful place I’m sure. Mauve is definitely underrated."


Hannah Martin, jewellery designer.

"I love everything about the 30s. Any architecture, furniture and clothing wise because it isn't as flash as the 20s and everything is toned down."


Matthew Miller, designer.

"Perfect Moment? The Mods and Rocker era of the Sixties, fast women stylish bikes and amazing suits. What more could a man ask for?"


Harris Elliott, accessories designer.

"Have to be turn of last century where you would wear formal clothes even if you were cleaning the streets."


Matthew Murphy, Owner/Buyer/Designer at b Store.

"The beat generation."


As we are all somewhat obsessed with men's dress we will all have our own particular favourite. Perhaps you lived in your golden era or you might have fallen in love with it via the silver screen. We want to hear all about your enthused stories and obsessions.


meep said...

I've been pondering over this a very long time, but when I think I finally understand what 'sartorial' means, someone asks me & I can't explain. Si I'm asking you, how would you define 'sartorial'?

meep said...


Style Salvage Steve said...

Meep: It has become one of those words that is overused to such an extent that it has lost its true meaning, or the meaning has been blurred. That said, it really means something of, or relating to a tailor.

Michael said...

Love that late fifties/early sixties casual Italian/US look. Or from a completely different perspective the fin de siecle decadence of the 1890s.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Michael: Ooh, lovely choices! I have too many favourites but I am hunting down images for a future post.

Matthew Spade said...

ohhh well the first thing that popped into my mine was go back to when denim was first being created.

or the freeness of the cultures of the 20s bright young things and 60s mods


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