Tuesday, 31 August 2010

In discussion: Time Travelling Style II

Fashion is ever changing. Existing materials, cuts and silhouettes are remade, altered, evolved to create something new. The past tends to play a fundamental role in the future. Designers are among the most remarkable cultural historians, tirelessly renewing a fading inheritance,pushing fashion on. A measured glance back in order to go forward. However, when it comes to writing about fashion there is often a tendency to look too deeply at the crystal ball.There is an unquenchable thirst for the new. An impatient demand for the yet unmade. To counter this we asked a few of our favourite menswear personalities to wear Bernard's watch. Here a few of our friends proclaim their favourite moments of style...

If you could go back in time and experience any
moment in style, what would it be?

I want to go back to the sixties:

- to crash glamorous Beverly Hills house parties

- to see actual Teddy Boys and skinheads on the streets of London

-to meet my young parents in Manila in custom-tailored bellbottom suits and homemade lace dresses


"The moment I would most like to visit style-wise would have to be London during the Regency period. As far as tailoring and menswear history is concerned I suppose that was the time that everything was happening. Fashion was truly being explored and young aristocrats were creating a new attitude towards dress. I would love to have been able to see Beau Brummell in action around Mayfair and at parties with the Prince Regent."
Dapper Kid, Blogger.


"If I could travel back to any style time, which I suppose is just any time full stop, I'd choose 1989. Then I would find 13 year-old Thomas and give him a sound thrashing. My god, what was I thinking? But if that would disrupt the space/time continuum too much, I'd choose the 1920's. The 60's were amazing but a little on the perfect side. In the 20's a man could wear a crazy suit and look completely normal."
The Sunday Best, Blogger.


"How about simply living in the moment? I understand all art references the past (yes I'm calling some clothing 'art'). However, I'm bored witless of this revisionist attitude to clothing. Why not shake things up? This week I'm feeling more and more like I want to smash the system and start a revolution and my clothing will reflect this. Punk isn't a clothing style but an attitude. I spent a few days at one of worlds biggest cultural events last year and no-one confronted or assaulted my senses more than a group of kids taking French ye-ye music and turning it on it's head. Now that's punk. Lead not follow."
Daniel Jenkins, Retailer focusing solely upon British fashion talent.


How about you? Have you got an era that you look back on fondly or perhaps you've dreamt about experiencing for yourself ever since you flipped through an old family photo album. Maybe your moment will come. Tell us all about it below.


giancinephile said...

I'd like to go back to the 1860's and imagine myself as a flâneur the way Charles Baudelaire described such kind of man in The Painter of Modern Life.

Or maybe I'd like to go back some time earlier, where romantics weren't a dying breed in society... you'd actually get exhausted by them!

Syed said...

Actually Thom's answer sounds like a good plan. Well 13 year old me anyway, I wasn't born in 1989.

joy said...

I want my style to be so egmatic one day that I will be quoted on this blog.

EvokeFashion said...

I like Men Fashion.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Giancinephile: I've not read 'The Painter of Modern Life' but your answer has forced me on to amazon.
Syed: Stop making us all feel old!
Joy: Be careful what you wish for...
Evokefashion: You've come to the right place then!


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