Friday, 20 August 2010

Style Stalking... Imelda Matt

You might think that the phrase 'style stalking' is an exaggeration, but this time you'd be wrong. Ever since we laid eyes on Imelda Matt in a gold suit we knew we just had to get him to do a style diary for us. After months (no, really) of chasing, cajoling and downright begging, he agreed. For those of you who don't know him (shame on you!), here's a little background: since unleashing Her Royal Highness Imelda the Despotic Queen of Shoes on an unsuspecting blogosphere more than four years ago, his sharp tongued take on the wonderful world of women's shoes has brought many a smile to our faces. It has been a firm favourite in our blogroll for as long as we can remember. More recently he launched the aesthetically pleasing Style Tyrant, a street style blog that focuses on the men of Melbourne. Just check out this guy if you need convincing!

Here's what Matt has to say for himself about his style diary:

Gurrl! Haz you been tokin’ on the crackpipe?” was the Despotic Queen/Style Tyrants response when Eliza asked if I’d consider doing a style diary!

Over the course of the last four years (during which time I’ve been blogging full-time) my bank balance and thus my wardrobe has been on life support.

Blame the GFC. Blame blogging. But for whatever reason, two and half years ago and in dire need of new threads, I started ‘shopping my wardrobe’, hence in lookin’ at my old rags?

But revisiting my purchases of yesteryear with older (albeit wiser) eyes has been a fascinating exercise. Aside for a few key pieces (Orri Henrrison and Subfusco) approximately 90% what I wear was bought during my 20’s.

Obviously, to accommodate my shifting taste my old rags have given a spit and polish. However, for as cash strapped blogger from the 3rd World I’m kinda impressed with how those early buys have stood the test of time.

These photographs are not a study of sartorial chicanery - what you see, is what you get!

The wait was well worth it though, we are absolutely delighted with the images. When the diary dropped in to our inbox the collective squeal of excitement deafened neighbours. No doubt this style diary will brighten up your weekend...


Day One - Double Denim

Denim jacket is vintage JAG, Shirt from H&M, the jeans are ‘ready for the bin’ and shoes are vintage Hutton’s Playboy creepers


Day Two - Subfusco

Entire outfit (including the Patrick Bateman vinyl blazer) from Subfusco, shoes by Pierre Hardy


Day Three - Orri

Jacket and pants by Orri Henrisson, shirt from Saint Augustine Academy and boots picked up in Tokyo


Day Four - Armani

Trousers are Giorgio Armani S/S 96, belt is Dolce & Gabanna circa 02, knit Arthur Gallan


Day Five - Helmut

Jacket is Helmut Lang ‘98, trousers are Dolce & Gabanna S/S ‘97 and the shoes are by Max Kibardin


Day Six - Gucci Belt

Gucci Belt – Jacket by Orri Hennrisson, vintage trousers, belt by Gucci S/S 97, shoes from Kenneth Cole and watch by Nixon


Day Seven - Burberry

Pants from Burberry, Shirt by RESTERÖDS, Cardigan from Tiger House (Japan), Shoes from ZARA, vintage belt and rings by ATAT



Sara Luxe said...

outfit 1 is my fav - so much to take in!

snappy said...

Good Lord! So many amazing pieces my head is spinning. Trousers in day two by Subfusco, the Nixon watch, the bowtie in day five...just to mention a few. Great post Steve, very snappy.
snappy x

Unknown said...

we love Matt & we love the Subfusco day, such a an interesting way of styling. Matt your a style King

joy said...

If I saw him in person I would be a little intimidated.

giancinephile said...

No one does it like him!!! haha

This is one very amusing installation of your Style Stalking feature!

T said...

Amazing looks, the first one was inspirational. Are those leggings he's wearing underneath the jeans or are the rips patched by the check?

John@Stylejob said...

Wow... just Wow!

RCXY said...

I love Matt! I love your blog. I love you! I love mine, too!

Anonymous said...

where can i find huttons palyboy creepers!...and ready for the bin jeans !!..too fly..sean in nyc


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