Saturday, 21 August 2010

E. Tautz goes postal for a new digital age

Patrick Grant has decided to bring a dash of handcrafted elegance to his soon to be relaunched digital space. This month E. Tautz will help revive the lost art of considered communication and Nowness has the exclusive. The big idea is to get people writing and thinking and making and engaging in physical, tactile correspondence again. To get the ball rolling Grant has asked a select ggroup of sartorial fellows who have something to say on the subject of men and style to come up with a postcard or two. The postcards will be handmade and aim to guide the reader in the direction of a more stylish and informed life. They will feature quotations, short anecdotes, biographical notes, illustrations and simple tips. E. Tautz is a label which offers simple tailoring with a little something extra, a bit of pomp, colour, a sense of humour. This project captures the true spirit of the house wonderfully. Last week, Grant sent through a selection of entries to help me visualise how it all might look. The postcards channel the quirky sense of Englishness that is a fundamental facet of the relaunched sporting and military tailors quite brilliantly...

Ultimately, the plan is to create a postcard each week which friends of E Tautz can sign up to receive by email. These can then be printed and send to their nearest and dearest. Furthermore, once in full swing, Grant is inviting absolutely anyone who wishes to send their own postcards postcards to E. Tautz's Savile Row base and if liked they will post them on to the site. Now the weekend is upon us, what better time to get a little crafty? When was the last time you picked up a pen and paper and wrote a note? It is a lovely feeling. Try it. For inspiration head over to Nowness where you can amuse yourself with additional entries and devour nuggets of sartorial wisdom from Patrick Grant himself.


Abbie B-C said...

Your blog is like no other I have seen before, and I adore it.

mussman said...

Dig the men's looks...! Such precision... Take a look at Janosch Mallwitz at! Some goods menswear looks that you may also smile about!


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