Friday, 25 March 2011

H?Katsukawa from Tokyo for AW11

Better than any medicine, a look at H?Katsukawa from Tokyo for AW11

The last few days have seen me bedridden with the worst type of flu I've ever experienced. A symphony of moans and groans accompanied by a percussion of sneezes and wheezes with the odd fever induced soliloquy have echoed around my bedroom. This morning I could check my emails for the first time in days and was treated to a batch of images from Eiichi Katsukawa that made me feel instantly better.  Now, Katsukawa makes hand made, eye poppingly colourful and patterned brogues, along with wonderfully textured distressed Nibe leather brogues from his studio in Tokyo. His carefully crafted leather creations are far better than any spoonful of medicine.

Last June I was fortunate enough to meet the craftsmen at Pitti Uomo and it was an absolute pleasure to talk through his label and be introduced to his designs in person. After gaining experience in Tokyo, he moved to Northampton to study shoe design and production methods at the Tresham Institute’s Practical Design and Shoemaking Course. It was there that he had the opportunity to meet the great Paul Harnden. Following his graduation from the Institute, he studied further under Paul as a intern at Brighton before returning to Tokyo in October 2004. His passion for shoe making has since evolved whilst working at the Shinjuku Isetan men’s shoe repair center and through his participation in a number of successful collaborations. Katsukawa is currently focusing on his eponymous collection and his offering is growing with each season. Knowing that I missed out on Pitti this season, he has sent through a few images that he'd like me to share with you. Let me introduce you to his smile inducing yet stunningly beautiful, hand crafted designs...

 A look at H?Katsukawa from Tokyo's AW11 presentation.

 The Symmetry derby alongside the Nibe leather brogues and boots.

 A closer look at the texture rich distressed Nibe leather.

 Silkprint houndstooth, check and star prints.

Paint splattered Nibe leather brogues.

Eiichi Katsukawa at his AW11 presentation wearing a pair of his Armylast Torico's. 
All images by Ogiwara.

"I express the avant-garde style as new viewpoints and the day-to-dayness as enjoyments by creating a form of shoes. And the essence of that form is intangible love."
Katsukawa on his leather creations.

For Eiichi Katsukawa shoes should be enjoyed. In addition to being well crafted, they should bring a smile to the face of the wearer and the people who encounter them throughout the day.  His collection of bold designs certainly does both. His collection is currently available at United Arrows only but I'm hoping he picks up a few more stockists this season and I'll be able to update you during Pitti 80.


David Watts said...

Totally wins in my book- classic craft with innovative surface interest and treated skins - genius!

joy said...

Paint splatter broques remind me of a past season of Mcqueen menswear. And although I haven't seen it in person Nibe leather might be one of my favorite textures now.

Style Salvage Steve said...

David Watts: Well said, he's such an interesting chap as well.
Joy: of course, SS10! I agree on the Nibe leather front. Reminiscent of your old favourite, well worn teddy bear!

Matthew Spade said...

can't say ive seen anything like these before. pretty out there

Giancinephile said...

Can't take my eyes off of those printed lace-ups!!!!!!!!

paisajista said...

Paint splatter broques remind me of a past season of Mcqueen menswear. And although I haven't seen it in person Nibe leather might be one of my favorite textures now.


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