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J. Lindeberg AW11 From the Fjords to the Mountains

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The AW11 season of press day pin ball has well and truly arrived and I've ricocheted from one to another to another whilst uncovering the gems of the season. One of the first to open its showroom doors was J. Lindeberg and after admiring the Jorgen Ringstrand shot look book for well over a month now, I was finally treated to a chance to inspect From the Fjords to the Mountains in person.

Once more, under Pierangelo D'Agostini fine creative stewardship, J. Lindeberg continues its endeavour of redefining modern classics with a particularly Scandinavian point of view. By respecting old traditions and combing them with the technical advancements of today, D'Agostin's third collection is packed with pieces that you wish had been hanging in your wardrobe for years. I first encountered the collection's mix of lightweight functionality and elegance when the look book images dropped in my inbox at the tail end of last month. Ever since then I've been eager to get my hands on the collection and on Monday I got my chance.


For inspiration, D'Agostin explored the dramatic coastlines of Scandinavia and through the dark water of the deep fjords and the soaring glacial mountains. You don't have to rack up the air miles of Tyler Brule to realise that traveling is part of daily life. Either in cities or crossing continents, garments are required to be versatile, providing multipurpose solutions and to perform for almost any occasion. Here, afforded by a delicate balance of modern technology and true tradition items are evolved and updated. Neoprene mesh layers, flat construction and Japanese fabrics introduce sportswear performance technologies and protection whilst iconic maritime classics such as the duffle coat and the pea coat are reworked to incorporate a three layer waterproof backing and detachable internal jacket. At every turn, tradition and technology are wonderfully fused.


This season the label has continued to grow its offering of accessories. Highlights include traditional mountain hiking boots in a Nordic construction which have been upgraded with technical neoprene. Sailor’s triangular neck ties and patterned cashmere-blend scarves capture the feeling of a man at sea...

Dandy styling with the triangular neck ties, Alp Boot Alpino Leather, Stivaletto Grained Leather and Wingtip Grained Leather

The collection showcases my own personal favourite hues for the colder months. The colour palette references nature in the depth of winter. The dark blue water of the fjords, the deep evergreen of the forest and shades of light grey skies are contrasted against the vibrant yellows, reds and acid greens of lichen covered rocks. A stunning palette whatever the season but particularly apt for Autumn. The best way to illustrate the palette while showing you a few key looks is to offer up a few selections from the look book itself in addition to the shots I took myself...


‘The collection is designed for now, moving into the future. Genuine craftsmanship combined with modern technology. Uniting yesterday, today and tomorrow’
 Pierangelo D'Agostini

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Matthew Spade said...

it all looks really quite excellent, never a brand I consider as I always think when i see it in shops it isn't as inspiring as what I see on here but up close this looks great too. will have to give the neck thing a try


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