Saturday, 19 March 2011

Waking up to Yamamoto's My Dear Bomb

Waking up to Yohji's My Dear Bomb (yes that is my pillowcase)

Due to the lack of blinds or curtains, sunshine poured in to our room this morning preventing any vague hope of a long, lazy lie in. I'm not complaining though, what a treat it is. As I wiped the sleep from my eye and made a cup of tea, Susie called out quotes from Yohji Yamamoto's My Dear Bomb. The following one will be bouncing around my sleepy brain for the rest of the day and beyond so I just had to share it with you...

"It is always best to add something playful to any polished, coordinated look in man's clothing. Attractive, classy, and chic alone result in something dull. The man with a real sense of style will always combine a highly polished look with something less refined, thereby combining the sensibilities of the man about town with those of the country buffoon, mixing the sensitive with the clownish. It simply will not do to have it all be of the highest refinement."


Syed said...

Really enjoyed reading it, particularly the stories in the first section. Plus the book design itself is beautiful. And I hate sleeping with the curtains closed, I like to wake up to the sun.

Brandon said...

Wow Yohji's designs have always communicated exactly this feeling from the quote. That it is dull to be so highly polished. I fear I may be more clownish/country buffoon then polished though haha. I've been waiting for my book to arrived for awhile so thanks for reminding me to go call up amazon and see wtf is up with it!

The Shopping Forecast said...

Very stylish- really enjoy the blog posts!!!

DanielTsao said...

Nice book and marvelous cover texture! Zen, the Y-spirit,
is a road to lead us out of modernity.


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