Monday, 28 March 2011

Limited Editions for It's Nice That With ASOS

The moment the sun reveals itself from behind the grey wall of winter cloud, the masses instantly peel off the thick layers of comfort and protection to flash their near transparent flesh. It is in these moments of delirious sunshine celebration, the humble t shirt is of the utmost importance. There was a time, back when I was young, where I would obsess over designs and I amassed quite the collection. Rather than a wardrobe staple it was something of a wardrobe foundation. Those days might have passed but I still have a soft spot for thoughtful and creative designs. Today, sees the official unveiling of Limited Editions for It's Nice That With ASOS, a collection of ten season prints and original artwork.

Commissioned by true champions of creativity, It’s Nice That, ten of the most talented British-based emerging artists across the disciplines of photography and illustration have lent their hand to create a series of limited edition prints to adorn our chests...

Each t shirt comes with a matching print all for the wallet friendly price of £25.

There really is something for everyone, from Greg Eason's sparsely filled but beautifully observed and meticulously rendered feline drawing to Sophie Kern's joyful collage of prints, Jean Jullien's smile inducing weapon to Christopher Smith's double take needed photographic scene. My romance with the printed t shirt has been rekindled. Perfect timing for the soon to be revealed sunshine.


Syed said...

I don't actually own a single printed t-shirt. But that patchwork wolf is rather nice.

Anonymous said...


Please check out this new website,! I wanted to know if you would be interested in featuring it on your blog or tweeting about it. It's a great opportunity for aspiring designers and fashion lovers alike!

Thank you!



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