Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Morning Companions


This scene is pretty close to my perfect Sunday morning. A quick stroll to the shops in search of a fresh out of the oven almond croissant to accompany a freshly brewed post of coffee and a hot off the press men's magazine. A great deal has been said on the recently launched quarterly publication, Port, so at this point I just want to enjoy the read. I hope you have rubbed the sleep from your eyes and are enjoying this Sunday morning as much as I am.


Matthew Spade said...

that is a good sunday, especially when the sun is shining through the window like it is here today. i actually haven't heard of this magazine, keep us posted if it's good

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: Exactly, the sunshine makes all the difference. It is a fine magazine. Rarely do I read a magazine from cover to cover in one sitting. To be honest with you I rarely read a magazine full stop. I just tend to flick through and skim read. Not so here. My only real complaint is that the content deserves better paper stock.

Dom said...

All about the coffee and croissant. I think sub the mag for the paper tho. Keep up the good work

Matthew Spade said...

ok well i'll pick one up next time i see it on your recc. yeah i don't read loads i have to say, that's why i usually go for fantastic man, in terms of imagery.

Brandon said...

I plan on doing this tomorrow with my copy of Encens. Can we see a collections post of your and Susies teacups and mugs though? If I spot a Port I shall be popping it into my tote pronto! So far all your mag recommendations have proved to be top notch.


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