Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Treasured Items... Luke Edward Hall

Have you ever borrowed an item and fallen for its charms? Menswear design student Luke Edward Hall explored a good friend's wardrobe and encountered an old school blazer that could have been tailored for him. It was love at first wear. A case of Forbidden love. Whilst still in his possession, the blazer has become one of his cherished items. Here's his tale of sartorial abduction...

Luke Edward Hall and the appropriated blazer

Blazer 2
Blazer 3

"One of my most treasured and loved pieces of clothing is a blazer that doesn't in fact strictly belong to me. It's my very dear friend Rowena's old school blazer, which I discovered a few years ago whilst living with her and her colossal wardrobe. I think I came upon it one day, wore it out, and then immediately commandeered it for life. It was not designed to be a fashionable garment, and I love it even more for this - it's a bit boxy, a bit bulky and a little rough around the edges, but it fits me perfectly, and feels comforting when I spy it in the wardrobe. Oh, and ring out the bells, it was made in England. It features a large double-headed eagle and an ancient Cornish motto on the chest pocket, which is quite wonderful. (The motto Franc ha leal eto ge means 'Frank and loyal thou art' - a great compliment to anybody, I feel.) I like clothes that look as if they might have a story behind them - a bit of character, a little bit of magic perhaps, and this blazer conjures up all sorts of imagery in my head. It makes me think of dusty libraries that have ladders to reach the high shelves, cold, rainy days and the smell of old buildings. Clothes don't have to be old to be interesting, but they really do need to have character. 

I usually wear a pin on the pocket or lapel too - at the moment it's a pewter fox, but catch me on another day and it could be a swan. I do hope that I won't have to give this blazer back anytime soon (my most sincere apologies, Rowena) - it's a real winner, and I'm yet to find another jacket that fits so well!" 
Luke Edward Hall


Giancinephile said...

I couldn't blame him as it's quite a charming little blazer!!!

Unknown said...

i love ur statement of "love at first wear" and totes gonna quote u in the future. and take about forbidden love!! lol loves it!

recently i've borrowed a good mate's margiela vintage goat and gorilla hair coat, so yes, i've borrowed an item and totally fallen for its charms? returning it was very sad, but at least it was fun while it lasted. this blazer is super adorable too!!! :D


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