Saturday, 10 March 2012

Weekend Reading... The Blizzard


The Blizzard is a quarterly publication - part magazine, part book - that is currently providing my fashion fatigued mind with nourishment on my other love, football. Like many great ideas it was conceived in a pub and was born out of the frustrations with mainstream media. Put together by a cooperative of journalists and authors, its main aim is to provide a platform for to class writers from across the globe to enjoy the space and the freedom to write what they like about the football stories that matter to them. The fourth issue which now enticingly sits on my coffee table close to a full pot of my trusty weekend companion contains many treats including David Lynch exploring the role of Ahly and Zamalek's Ultras in Egypt's 'Arab Spring', Nick Szczepanik reminiscing on South London's early 90s heyday and Patrick Dessault in conversation with Didier Deschamps and Claude Suaudeau. One hundred and ninety odd pages of tales, analysis, detailed reportage and history to get lost in. I'm trying to think if there is a  similar publication dedicated to fashion and I cannot. There really should be.

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Matthew Spade said...

i wouldn't mind getting in on this either


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