Tuesday, 13 March 2012

In discussion with Becky French


The desire to develop a dialogue around men's style and fashion has always been one of our key motivations to spend so much of our free time blogging. Of course it is quite easy to get distracted by all the new shiny product releases and latest collections along the way but we are frequently left wanting. The topic is of course much greater than pure consumerism. With this in mind we introduced the simply titled 'Discussion' series in which we invite a cross section of thoughts on and around a given subject. It started well and we heard from the likes of Carolyn Massey, Tim Soar, b Store's Matthew Murphy and many of you answer all manner of queries but we allowed the chat to trail off somewhat. No more. To breathe fresh life in to the series and introduce fresh thought in to the discussion, we're are asking a few additional individual to add their thoughts to the topics discussed thus far. First up, Marwood's very own Becky French.

What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received, given or heard?
Tuck your shirt in! Although i don't think that can be classed as "best advise" really, more of a strict rule enforced at school.

Tell us about your most stylish moment or memory.
The AW'04 Ralph Lauren Purple Label show. It was my first design job working in NY and they took me to Milan with the rest of the design team. The clothes, the fabrics, the days it took to prep the looks, the preciseness of every detail and fit was the first real eye opener in to luxury menswear. I learnt to tie bow ties so fast and pin collars 'just so' - everything had to be finished to perfection. When I saw the line-up of the models going out all impeccably styled to an almost unachievable level that you only see realised in films, the result of an uncompromising vision, it was definitely admirable.

Each season the same few (designers) are talked about. Who do you think deserves a little more love, old and/or new and why?
Berthold. I recently tried on some of his menswear and love it all. It's not for girls (officially) but I just think it makes his clothes even better that they cross over. Attentive cut and unusual fabrications with a minimal, sporty aesthetic. I like that style in contrast to 'traditional' menswear.

Tell us about the most stylish man you've ever known
I don't think I've met him yet ...however I do have vivid memories of my Grandad. He always wore a tie and cardigans or a jacket every day. He and my grandma would take us to their favourite pub for Sunday roast but every day he wore what could be seen as Sunday Best. That (restricting) commitment to society dress rules has gone now so it's good to have memories of that generation first hand.

Is there a neglected item of clothing or accessory that you'd like to see more men wear?
Ties/neckerchiefs/gentleman's jewellery accessories that you only come across in antique shops - but worn inventively.

If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?
When women started to wear trousers.

What does the word masculinity mean to you?
Confident, purposeful and an assertive of a point of view.

Over the coming weeks we will set new topics to explore but before we move on, it would be lovely to hear from a few of you on the above.

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Matthew Spade said...

great idea, short and sweet too but lots of fun. be nice to have some accompanying pictures maybe too?


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