Sunday, 18 March 2012

Treasured Items... Mine

Last summer we continued our pursuit of sharing wardrobe tales with the unveiling of the Treasured Items feature. Now, at the time we refrained from using the term 'new' to describe this series because it was in fact appropriated from the second issue of b magazine. In a feature entitled Wardrobe Stories the likes of Harris Elliot, Charlotte Mann, Tim Blanks and Lulu Roper-Caldbeck all revealed their most treasured sartorial possessions and told the story behind them. Cherished items included a Christopher Nemeth jacket, an APC dress, a Junya Watanabe Hawaiian shirt and a Camilla Staerk clutch. It was a pleasure to read these wardrobe tales and it is something we wanted to regularly replicate here. Thankfully, instead of consulting his lawyer, b magazine's very own Dal Chodha agreed to kick start our series and it has since (hopefully) helped remind us that there's more to menswear blogging than the goings on at the latest fashion week, tradeshow or store product drop. Over the last nine months we've heard from SEH Kelly's Paul Vincent, Mr Hare, This Is Naive's Tommy, One Nine Zero Six's Dean Webster, Andrew Bunney and many others. It was only until recently that I remembered that I had not shared my own. I wonder if you can guess.

The menswear blogger secures an infatuation....


From the moment I first met up with Mr. Hare in February 2009 to marvel at the beauty of his debut collection, 'Purest Form' in person I was imagining my feet in his leather creations. One pair in particular was a recurrent fixture in my style daydream fantasies. The Orwell Stingray were the pair of shoes that made me look at footwear differently.  An apron Derby shoe in patent leather with stingray built on a Blake construction. It was lust at first sight. “When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room. Accept no substitutes.” This sentence uttered by Ordell Robbie in ‘Jackie Brown’ was the only sentence that came into Mr Hare's head every time he looked at the Orwell and I can certainly see why. He declared that the "Orwell is an apron derby that has all the attitude of 60s Kray run London and the joie de vivre of Sammy Davis Jnr. I just received the Stingray version which is sick." After wearing them for two and a half years, my feet always feel as though they a ready to dance around town in a bygone era. They have helped set the shoe bar ridiculously high and I've since built my shoe collection around them. I still daydream about them even when they are on my feet. That's love.


Sam said...

So very jealous of these.

Heroika Magazine said...

The detail on the shoes are just what I would love to show if I would have one !

London Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I love Mr Hare - I was trawling through his website a few weeks ago when writing a feature on the bran
d and it is so fun and personal. You really get a sense of who Mr. Hare - the man himself - is and how he channels his personality right into his collections.
I love his twist on the conventional sneaker for his SS 2012 collection.

Unknown said...

ok seriously these shoes are amazing! i really want these. any formal attire matched with these are all the accessories a guy needs. and im in love with weird/unlikely leather, and stingray just totally does it for me!

Matthew Spade said...

i surely do remember this point too, maybe this shoes changed the way you look at life! who knows


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