Wednesday, 21 March 2012

In discussion with Christopher O'Brien


Over the last few months we've enjoyed watching Christopher O'Brien emerge from the esteemed Central Saint Martins MA Menswear Design course and make his crinkled mark on London Fashion Week. Having recently enjoyed a coffee filled Sunday morning with the design talent at his home/studio in East London, we couldn't resist continuing the discussion by sharing a few nuggets with you...


What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received, given or heard?
Just be yourself, if your not comfortable in what you are wearing then there's no point.

Tell us about your most stylish moment or memory.
I think what I think is stylish changes all the time, I thought the clothes that I wore to my interview when I was nineteen for St Martins were really stylish, now I look back and cringe. Having a meeting with Giorgio Armani when I interned there was pretty stylish, the team had been designing this collection for three to four months and then he came in and changed it all in about two minutes. I found that pretty stylish.

Tell us about the most stylish man you've ever known
I think its really hard to define "style". You may just be a rich guy that can afford a wardrobe of Jil and Dries but I don't necessarily think that makes you stylish. I think it is more about doing what you can on your budget and carrying yourself well.

Each season the same few (designers) are talked about. Who do you think deserves a little more love, old and/or new and why?
Jens Laugesen probably the best designer I ever have come into contact with. Hopefully he will do something again soon.

If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?
Alexander McQueen's SS/1999 show, the one where the dress got painted by the robots, that is what made me want to do fashion. I would have loved to be at that moment.

Is there a neglected item of clothing or accessory that you'd like to see more men wear?
Caps with fans, they've got to make a comeback soon.

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Jazzino said...

Really liked this interview. The quote about the money doesn't make you stylish, even though i've heard it before it seems to resonate more in the way he said it.


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