Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Favourites... The Dandy Project

My role in all of this is very simple. I make clothing like armour. My clothing protects you from unwelcome eyes,” explains Yohji Yamamoto. We all need added armour during the cold, wet and wild months of autumn and blog favourite The Dandy Project has fully embraced the designer this coming season. On one of the hottest days afternoons of the year, we snapped two looks that Izzy was most looking forward to enveloping himself in over the coming months and both were built on solid sartorial foundations provided by Yamamoto...


"This fall (Autumn), my look is highly influenced by my Asian heritage and my fascination with Japanese culture, and my obsession with the idea of comfort and the notion of dressing for oneself versus dressing for an audience. Lately, I've been going for voluminous, Samurai-esque bottoms, like the Yohji Yamamoto hakama pants photographed here and a new pair of cropped palazzo pants by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus that I have yet to debut. I'll find warmth and comfort in long double-breasted coats and robe-like jackets in tactile fabrics for the indoors, or out in the early fall. This autumn, still dark and dandy as the past few, will be my cosiest ever..."
Izzy on his favourites this season.

Sunglasses by Number (N)ine, shirt and trousers by Yohji Yamamoto, vintage tapestry robe by Neiman Marcus and the black leather and suede shoes are a collaboration with The Dandy Project and Allen Edmonds

Shirt and trousers by Yohji Yamamoto, vintage black coat by Pierre Cardin, fox scarf from the Garment District in NYC and shoes by Allen Edmonds.


Matthew Spade said...

whoa, that lad has his own shoes now. don izzy doing it again, pulling some ace shapes with the roomy trousers

Ulan News said...

Waw nice your clothes japan style

Senja Berita said...


Shiva rei said...

charming fashion once you

Duck said...

I'm so glad he's posting more frequently now, his blog is brilliant. And he's one of the few original looking people left on the internet.

Thomas said...

Awesome styles.. I liked it.. I am very much fond of such Stylish Clothes..


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