Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn Favourites... Rhamier Auguste

Oh how we love Autumn here at Style Salvage with its fruitfulness, its flowers and its hearty platefuls. Some of you might be desperately clinging on to the remnants of the season just passed but we love the upcoming mornings from late September through to December where we can layer, wrap and protect ourselves in an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics. Wool, tweed, cashmere and anything else we can get our hands on are all layered in a rich fallen leaf palette to envelop, comfort and protect. Of course there is the occasional grim autumnal day where we look outside and want to do nothing but watch old films and hide away from the world but after a busy summer even these days can be most welcome. When the sun does shine we happily explore the ever changing landscape. So, to celebrate our favourite season we've asked a selection of our favourite people to tell us about the outfit that they are most looking forward to wear throughout these next few months. First up, Rhamier Auguste shot on the bustling streets of New York lit up by a final burst of summer sun during the sunset of New York fashion week...

"When it comes to dressing for cooler weather, I tend to go by two lines I've read in reviews for Patrik Ervell and Raf Simons's shows, respectively: "...a parallel universe for moody art-school kids with a thing for Joy Division" and "...English schoolboy with a background of Punk and New Wave". That said, I like the basics to be built around the idea that I'm an English schoolboy. I've even created an official uniform for the imaginary art school that I attend. I make a point to wear the 1461 model Doc Martens (Made In England, no less), a pair of tailored dress trousers or chinos, a club collar shirt (via Patrik Ervell) or a small collared oxford button-down shirt. Then I layer a sweatshirt or an alpaca knit sweater over it. The fashion pieces that I purchase to accompany this uniform tend to be more grunge/punk/new wave. 

For the upcoming months, I look forward to wearing an archival Comme des Garcons Homme topcoat purchased second hand from a friend, my Kenzo tiger embroidered sweatshirt, and my Fair Isle leopard crew sweater from Sibling."
Auguste on his Autumn favourites

Varsity jacket by Opening Ceremony, hooded sweatshirt by Raf Simons 1995, club collar shirt by Patrik Ervell, mock-pleat trousers by Patrik Ervell, belt by Topman, socks by Happy Socks, shoes by Comme des Garcons x Dr. Martens.


Matthew Spade said...

quite a refreshing look. what sort of features did the cdg x dm range have?

kopertowki said...

Great, lovely jacket :) I like it :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the collegiate look.


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