Saturday, 1 September 2012

Treasured Items... John Holt

As soon as I picked up the first issue John Holt's Law magazine (on the recommendation of Goodhood's very own Kyle Stewart) I knew that I had discovered a title with a refreshing point of view. For its editor Holt, style is everywhere - all you have to do is keep your eyes open. Law is a bi-annual magazine that revels in revealing what others miss and serves to document the ups and downs of the beautiful everyday. Unsurprisingly his 'Treasured Items' pick demonstrates that treasure can be found anywhere. From a market stall bargain, Holt has added his own personality in a similar fashion to how he has approached the print world. Here the editor shares its story...

John Holt and his lucky charms...


"It’s my pride and joy, always close to my heart. I got the gold chain for £10 from a stall on the old Open Market in Brighton. I didn’t know how much it was worth at the time and fortunately neither did the man who was manning the stand for his wife. I was studying fashion and was therefore skint and used to spending a couple of quid on makeshift chains out of the glass cabinets in charity shops. They never lasted long and I missed the feeling of something round my neck, as those who wear a chain or a watch or a ring will know, you get used to each other. After much deliberation we did the deal and I’m pleased to say we did. Since then I’ve taken it to one of those ‘WE BUY GOLD’ kiosks and lets just say I don’t think he would have been too popular with the wife that night. All I know is it hasn’t turned to silver like the others.

My mum gave me the horseshoe that her best friend gave to her for a 21st birthday present. Some people say you shouldn’t turn horseshoes upside down because you will lose all your luck, I say it showers me with every step. The crown is from Edinburgh castle, which my pal and I visited whilst on a trip round the coast of Scotland in his Transit. I can’t speak highly enough of that country, the locals and the scenery. I guess you could also say the crown is a symbol of my love for our queen, she’s inside the back page of the magazine. I thought if she’s ever going to be in an issue then in this diamond jubilee it must be. The shell is a fossilised unicorns horn, which I found on a beach in Wales and from the acorn a mighty magazine, will grow.

Two times too many I’ve come close to losing this chain and its charms. Once after a scuffle in town and twice climbing up the old Astoria in Brighton to paste up LAW posters at night. On both occasions I’ve managed to get it back but getting away with it by the skin of my teeth like that has led me to think about stopping wearing it, because I can’t bear to go through the heart sinking feeling of losing it again. Perhaps that is the mark of a truly treasured item, too rare to find another too treasured to wear." John Holt

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