Friday 28 September 2012

Autumn Favourites... Daniel Jenkins

Autumn is here. There was little adjustment period from the sun setting on Summer and instead we were treated to a cool slap and a damp downpour to wake us up to the return of our favourite season. Taking a break from throwing all manner of protective clothing in to my suitcase in preparation for a weekend trip to Manchester, I thought I'd treat you to another look of Autumn favourites. Here, Daniel Jenkins turns to trusted garments. He doesn't care for the whims and fancies of the season and instead focusses on seasonal staples that have long proved themselves...

"I'm Welsh and very pale so tend not to do too well in the summer months, I don't burn but I certainly don't tan and rarely feel comfortable. If it's hot, I'll just wear shirts and shorts which fine but not usually exciting. I like Autumn because it means that I can enjoy wearing clothes again. Everything I'm wearing today, I've had a while. I prefer everything feeling lived in. The jacket which is by Stansfield is four years old and just perfect for this climate. The Acne jeans are five old and I've practically worn them three days a week ever since I bought them and they have their own personality now (including a whole in the crotch). The shirt which is by ARN Mercantile is two years old. I bought the Lou Dalton mac the season that it was released but didn't wear it, I'm not sure why but I pulled it out last year and just fell for its charms all over again. I love that it's a little big so that I can wear it over a few layers. I won't be shivering in this outfit. The brogues are the only thing that I'm wearing that is less than a year old. They are Pembrokes by Crockett and Jones and I've only had them a couple of weeks but they are wearing in nicely and were so damn comfortable straight out of the box. I think they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn..."
Jenkins on his seasonal favourites

Mac by Lou Dalton, jacket by Stansfield, shirty by ARN Mercantile, jeans by Acne, belt by Carolyn Massey and Pembroke brogues by Crockett and Jones.


Corey said...

I like his shoes they look like Mr Silly's shoes, also I am really nosey and saw you blogging on the train

Matthew Spade said...

the only man that looks cool with a goatee these days? i reckon

Duck said...

@Mat What?! Goatees are amazing. I don't know why people make fun of them so much.

Impressed that the shoes were comfortable immediately! Usually I find I have to take a few weeks to break brogues in and put up with the blisters...

Helen said...

That is a nice pair of brogues, nothing worse than men in bad shoes!

Anonymous said...

I just love him. He has mischievous eyes. Great style.

hugs, Vanessa


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