Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reading... Hector


Publications often strive to craft a distinguishable personality, a voice that is easily identifiable amongst the incessant chattering heard on any newsagent's shelves but few dedicate each issue to an entirely different person. Each periodical published by East London menswear establishment Hostem is named after a different man, explores a different identity and therefore its pages adopt an altered persona. The sensitively curious Sebastian that we met in the inaugural issue is pushed in to the shadows and in his place steps the much darker and distorted Hector. Hector is an erudite activist concerned with arts, politics, and parity. This week we've acquainted ourselves with this alluring and menacing character.
Hector bares himself with a defaced poster, a documentation of the French presidential campaign by artist Pascal Fellonnea. Persoanl highlights include interviews with Maurizo Amadei from atelier design house ma+, Hermann Nitsch, visuals by Blommers/Schumm, work from artists Koen Hauser and Ruth van Beek, photographer David Moore and art critic Julian Stallabrass. It's a pleasure to get to know him...

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