Friday, 12 October 2012

Treasured Items... Matthew Murphy

A treasured item should stand the test of time. Far from being influenced by the whims and fancies of the now, a truly treasured item should be continuously appreciated, worn and loved throughout any change. Here, Other's very own Matthew Murphy shares the quick tale of his cherished Margaret Howell double breasted blazer. What began its life as a special occasion fix has since become a mainstay in his wardrobe a decade on. It's a testament to the timeless authenticity of British fashion's great outsider...

Matthew Murphy and the every occasion blazer


"I purchased this blazer from Margaret Howell after dropping in to her Wigmore flagship store around ten years ago. I was searching for something to wear to a very good friends wedding and found this gem. It has remained a permanent resident in my wardrobe since. Seasonal buys have since been relegated to the boxes in the loft but this particular jacket never felt as if its time was up. There has always been an appropriate occasion and time to wear it. In my opinion this is the strength of Margaret Howell as a designer, to make modern classics. I was originally attracted by its use of fabric, traditional shape with its double breasted and peak lapel, but the unstructured construction and use of washed cotton has a modern and casual feel." Matthew Murphy.

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