Saturday, 6 October 2012

Goodhood's Got Five On It

"Evolution as opposed to revolution, I think I remember seeing that on an Arsenal plaque a few years back but it works for us too" explained Kyle Stewart as he stood proudly in his backstreet boutique, Goodhood, late last year. Voted as one of the capital's best stores by Time Out last year, the multi-brand emporium blows out the five candles that proudly sit upon its birthday cake and demonstrate just how far the store has come. Alongside his fellow designer and partner Jo Sindle, the pair unveiled their retail concept back in 2007 and over the course of five successful years have firmly established this backstreet boutique as one of London's finest stores. Always innovative, always exciting, Goodhood has breathed fresh life in to London's retail scene. Now housed over two floors and with a celebratory pop up space open over the road, the contemporary concept space showcases an international cocktail of independent and rare brands. 

The store began as a self initiated, self funded project to curate some of the finest clothing, art and objects from the world. Five years on and the pop up space is a real celebration of the extent to which the dream has been realised. Over the last half decade Goodhood have built a strong network of collaborators and friends, most of whom have joined them to celebrate the landmark by producing exclusive products. "The Goodhood store was born out of a design background so we wanted to celebrate by creating must have products with many of our suppliers," Kyle Stewart explains.

Having watched the launch party of the pop up space from enthused tweets as I sat in my New York hotel room I couldn't wait to explore the anniversary space myself. This afternoon I finally had the chance to visit. Packed with special collaborative collections with store friends like R.Newbold, Norse Projects, Bag ‘N’ Noun, Great River, Antipodum, Soulland, Dog State, Russell Maurice, Knight Mill sitting alongside a bunch our their own products...

Just a few of the special products that caught my eye.

Now that we have taken you on a whirlwind visual tour of the space and offer a closer lok at a few of its goods, lets sit down with Stewart for a quick fire, five question interview/gameshow which we've named... Goodhood's Got Five On It...

SS: Describe the last five years of Goodhood in either five words or five sentences.
1) Challenging.
2) Committed.
3) Personal.
4) Fun.
5) local.

SS: Name five things that have changed since the launch.
1) The Global Economy.
2) The euro to pound exchange rate.
3) The world of e-commerce
4) The size of our team.
5) My Operating System, only once though!

SS: Who are your five favourite labels/designers?
1) Shinzuke Takizawa - Neighbouhood,
2) Tetsu Nishiyama - Wtaps,
3) Hiroki Nakamura - Visvim
4) Silas Adler - Soulland
5) Norse Projects

SS: What are your five favourite items currently in store?
They are all products we created for the 5th Anniversary. I'm really proud of how they came out. For me they are perfect...






SS: What five things are you most looking forward to...
1) My best friend's wedding in France this weekend.
2) My sons first Halloween.
3) Christmas with my family.
4) Snowboarding this winter season.
5) My continued watching of Breaking Bad on Net Flicks. I just finished watching The Killing (Danish) so good!


Matthew Spade said...

i'm down in london in a couple of weeks and i'm hoping i have time to swing by.

Anonymous said...

I must be getting on a bit because those cushions excite me!

Unknown said...

Looks great, will have to pop down and take a look. Quite like the idea of a skateboard deck to display and not fail at riding!


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