Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tools of the trade... palmer//harding

On Friday afternoon I ventured in to the heart of London's zone six and entered in to the considered world of Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding. Ever since the debut collection of palmer//harding launched in September 2011, the pair have been focused on bringing directional design to the traditionally neglected garment in a wardrobe, the shirt. It is perhaps one of the great paradoxes of life and one of fashion's basic rules, that while perfection is often given body in simplicity, that simplicity can be remarkable difficult and complicated to achieve. As we talked design, construction and took a close look at SS13 (more on this in an epic feature to be posted tomorrow), I couldn't resist asking the pair about their favourite tools. In an environment where the smallest of margins can make a huge difference, the duo each picked one trusty tool that they rely on...

Levi Palmer and the pattern card shears

"These steel pattern cutting shears are my favourite tool. They were handed down to me from a mentor in Austin when i was a teenager, he had owned them since the 70's. They have been sharpened once and never needed any other attention than that. They are incredible scissors. Due to the long handle and short sharp pointed blade of the scissors they are able to cut even the most difficult inverted corners when cutting patterns on card. Most people find them awkward to use at first, but once they get used to them they quickly become their favourite tool in the studio. which is a shame because then I have to fight for them back." Levi Palmer

Matthew Harding and the snips necklace

"This is my favourite tool and I call it my snip necklace. They are vital to efficient draping, sewing and finishing. Since putting them on a grosgrain tape necklace they have become a part of me during the sampling period of the season." Matthew Harding

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