Saturday, 27 October 2012

Studio Sounds - Casely-Hayford AW12

Amazing cover art by Little Doodles

Over the last few months my ears have been regularly transported to the studio of an array of creatives thanks to Studio Music. In addition to providing a soundtrack to my own work, the site provides an interesting insight into the creative process, through the music that they listen to whilst working. Inspired, I thought I'd ask a selection of designers to talk soundtrack our favourite collections of each season. To kick things off, we press our ears to Casely-Hayford's 'Cultures In Between' collection for AW12.

Taking inspiration from the acclaimed Grayson Perry exhibition ‘The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman’ that lit up London’s British Museum late last year, Casely-Hayford brought together signifiers from a range of British cultural symbols to create a cultural similitude. As Perry prompted the viewer to consider his curated artefacts in a new context, the father and son design duo offered a sartorial reality which felt simultaneously old and new – it’s aim being to emphasise 'subcultures' which actively sought a minority style in an attempt to lay claim to an identity apart from the mainstream. For AW12, the pair draw influence from a series of British iconic signifiers associated with subcultures of the past, present and future. Parkas from 60’s Teddy boys, Biker jackets of the 70’s Punks, MA1’s from 80’s skinheads, Puffa Jackets from Manchester’s 90’s rave scene and bomber jackets from 00’s youth street culture have all been run through the Casely-Hayford design machinery for a unique reinterpretation. Throughout this considered collection, the sartorial alchemists that are Casely-Hayford offer a plethora of appealing and surprising proposals whilst cementing the House's ethos of 'Innovation through Tradition'. But what were they listening to as they practiced these recent experiments? Press play, turn it up loud and find out...

 IBN Gold - Pound
Earl Sweatshirt - Dat Ass
Frank Ocean - Golden Girl
Yuna - Thinking About You
XXYXX - Alone
Dominique Young - Unique Show My Ass (Sick To The Back Teeth Remix)
Haim - Forever
Surkin - Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix)
Echo Park - Feels Like Love
Bjork - Virus (Hudson Mohowke, Peaches and Guacomole Rework)

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