Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reading... B-Mag and Port


I'm in a fog as I write this. To be honest, I've been wandering a little dazed and confused ever since I landed back from my Far East jaunt and fear that this state of flux won't lift in time for my flight to New York tomorrow. This morning as I struggled to transcribe an interview I gave up, sleep walked my way to the local coffee shop and returned with both hands full and my focus set on the more leisurely goal of feasting on the latest issues of two of my favourite publications; B-Mag and Port. With a hearty dose of caffeine to push start my tired mind followed by a quick one two of thought provoking features and pulse racing editorials, I'll surely be back to my old self in no time.    


Syed said...

I have yet to pick up Port, but I keep meaning to. In fact I'm currently in the process of reviewing what magazines I buy on a monthly/biannual basis.

Anonymous said...

love lazy afternoons with coffee and fashion magazines!

Matthew Spade said...

busy fella, all jet setting around!


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