Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Watching half of Rear Window set me off thinking about pyjamas and doing away with my bedridden wife. No boys that I know wear proper pyjamas any more, perhaps linking them too much at once with both young boys and old men. I think it's a real shame- they'd get away more with being lazy and not dressing until 3pm if they did so looking a little less slovenly and a little smarter; not in boxers and a t shirt but in suitable sleep wear. More in the style of L.B. Jefferies...

Jimmy, concentrate!

Try not to get distracted by Grace Kelly, it's the PJs we're interested in... remember?

I've found a similar pair to these from Derek Rose (of Savile Row no less) here... a similar lovely shade of blue that looks flattering on almost everone. You can even get a matching dressing gown! What more could you ask for? Ok, so at just under £100 they're not exactly cheap but they are delectable. You can get a similar style in a myriad of other colours and fabrics there as well including in silk but I'm not sure if that's a little too Hugh Hefner (not that Hugh's look isn't great, it's just not what I'm talking about here).

A cheaper version of the same look can be found on the high street at both John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

John Lewis blue cotton pyjamas , £15

Good old M&SMarks and Spencer Cotton Rich Thin Stripe Pyjamas, £22

Marks even do a 'Big & Tall' version so there's no excuses for too-short PJ trousers.

After spouting all of this why do I still want to hide away and spend all winter living in footed pyjamas, shocking people with static?


j said...

I bought a pair of nice PJs in Italy. I leave them on in the morning until after breakfast. It's really a great way to start the day. Unfortunately when that pair is in the laundry I wear the usual crap. I should do a study to see what days I perform better.

Thomas said...

You've inspired me to pursure more satorial splendor in the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Oh, PJs, you need to have them. My boyfriend does and I think it's so masculine and elegant. You can always wear a t-shirt for the actual sleeping if it's more comfortable and wear the shirt over in the morning or evening. I've seen PJs and night gowns all my life at home...I am now thinking whether we are very old fashioned..

btw, I love Rear Window!


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