Saturday, 8 December 2007

Splitting hairs

Oh I have a odd and complex relationship with my hair. It is a strange part of both myself and my attitude to style and grooming. I should take more interest in it and at time i do but something is missing. I don't love it as much as what hangs in my wardrobe or what hangs on the rails of my favourite shops and items undiscovered! my current attitude to hair and how best to style it revolve around the following:
  • Invest in a good hair cut, (which doesn't necessarily mean expensive but living in central London it normally does)
  • Wash your hair as often as you need to. use Baby Powder if you don't have time to wash it.
  • Spend money on good hair products and use them moderately. I like Bumble and Bumble.
  • Take note of your hair and what it wants to do - after straightening it for a while I've realised that it is far better to let the natural gentle wave of my hair do its thing!
There it is, my simple hair advice. I will post (in the next couple of days) about my advice on how best to achieve various looks complete with pictures of course but today is a bad hair day!

On the subject of hair I enjoyed reading The Post Office's account of the rise of the square haircut, as shown on catwalks across the land, in editorials and most recently on the cover of V magazine with Brad Pitt. In front of Mario Testino’s camera Brad Pitt showed his many different faces for V Magazine. I have dabbled with these styles in recent years but unfortunately the curse of my laziness means I always go back to my tried and tested! What do you prefer, the Fight Club Brad Pitt or the more refined and slightly geeky versions? Which version has the best hair, how would you wear yours? Can't decide, well just enjoy both versions!Brad Pitt(s)With party season upon us if we need inspiration on how best to wear your hair, look no further than Cary Grant.

Cary Grant

The only thing I'd add is to make sure that you get it cut short enough at the back!


xS said...

I like the more groomed look as well; but i'm also far too lazy to do it every day...Best advice is look through a fashion magazine and steal whatever hair Miuccia has decided is good. The is reminding me that i must get a haircut this week...let me know how you get on!

Thomas said...

I am desperate for a hair cut, and I'm leaning heavily towards Math Geek 1950.


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