Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas lights

While some people I could mention are swanning about in Paris, I am left here in Manchester thinking about what on earth to get people for Christmas. Thanks to Gala Darling I have some idea. Japanese Watches of course! I absolutely love these, even if I can't quite work out how to tell the time on most of them. Ah well, hopefully people will be distracted by the pretty lights...

Japanese watch

Image courtesy of Tokyoflash

Good evening Miss EJ, I have arisen from my catch up sleep session but have lost my Sunday! I will try and post later on tonight however because I have much to say and to show...I did enjoy perusing the site on Friday morning whilst all of my work colleagues were eating bacon sarnies my hunger was satisfied by LEDs! Who needs a watch to tell the time these days anyway, I just check my phone or ipod for that, so I am all for watches that have the primary use of looking cool.


Anonymous said...

V.nifty indeed. I still cherish my naff orange Casio I bought on eBay for a tenner.


heather said...

I know every word you are saying. (please see link below)


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