Saturday, 8 December 2007

The importance of the sidewalk

I've been inspired to write a post about the the sartorialist by the article in today's Guardian Weekend magazine. The article discusses how our perceptions of who or what is stylish is not as straighforward as it was in previous times. The models and actresses who were once revered have now been analysed to the point of inducing humour and even pity (see Perez Hilton and gofugyourself). In short traditional style icons have lost their shroud of elusivity and in some cases their dignity and sanity (not naming names but I think Ms Spears highlights this point quite well). Enter Scott Schuman armed with his Canon G5 camera he has created a photo blog that is required reading for the fashion industry and people watchers alike. Have we entered into an era of the celebration of the individual, not just the individual but the seemingly ordinary individual? Two years after launching the blog (I wonder what we'll achieve in two years domination no doubt, mwahaha), 50,000 people visit the site, he is listed in Time magazine as one of the most influential figures in the world of design and now prints of his work are being snapped up at $1,200!

It has been said (I believe EJ unearthed an interesting article) that the subjects of street style blogs can all blur into one. I can see this point highlighted across a number of other sites but this does not ring true on the sartorialist. In the article Schuman states 'Most bloggers are 20-year-olds taking pictures of other 20-year-olds, which is great if you are 20.' The sartorialist offers alot more variation. To illustrate this point and to applaud the work of Mr Schuman please see some of my favourite subjects.

Inspired by the Marx brothers

Mad about Plaid

How to wear a suit colourfully.

Metallic Cardigan!

The Red DMs - smart casual personified!
The article Steve refers to can be found here. Thought provoking stuff.


j said...

It's true. Sart has plugged into some kind of elevation of the common man that is the result of the internet and globalization. If I could verbalize this better I would write a book about it and make a lot of money.

mooncalf said...


Your link to the Sartorialist has been mistyped and goes to the Satorialist (some completely random guy). Might be worth an edit...

EJ said...

sorted- cheers for catching that for us!

underneath said...

You`ve made a great selection from The Sartorialist`s photographs.. independent guys - and the last one is my favourite! Inspiring blog your`s too!


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