Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Exclusive Foals Interview

We have often talked about the relationship between style and music, our very first post (back when this blog wasn't even read by our friends) discussed the Clash's style. And now, oddly, we've managed to score an interview with Jack Bevan, drummer for up and coming band Foals (if you are a Skins fan then you should know all about them!) and recent model for Burberry (which was shot by Mario Testino and cast of course by Style Salvage favourite Christopher Bailey).

Foals are self proclaimed 'snotty art school dropouts who are hungry for the dollar' and if you believe the hype, they are set to be huge this year (they have already sold out their London gig a month before the album launch!), tipped by the likes of the BBC, MTV and the Independent and are being compared to Radiohead by the Telegraph. If you aren't aware of the band take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think! If either of us were music journalists we might say "the Foals play the sort of jittery, rhythmically-focused post-punk that's been a steady thread of through indie rock in this century" but we aren't so let's just say that we approve and get down to Jack's take on style!

There is arguably no more accurate a barometer for what is perceived as 'hot' than the Burberry ad campaign. Jack was one of the Burberry babes...alongside Coco Sumner (who I hear you cry?Well she's the daughter of Sting) Merlin Ferry (son of Bryan), actors Alex Pettyfer and Eddie Redmayne, golfer Liam Wade and fellow musician Will Cameron. From this you would think then that Jack would therefore be extremely stylish or at least be drumming in a stolen Burberry trench! It is always fun to analyse style and to make assumptions but let's hear it from the drummer's mouth...

SS: How would you describe your own personal style and how does this fit with the rest of the band's?
Jack Bevan: We all wear hand me downs from each other. Yannis lost all his clothes at a show in Nottingham so we've been sharing a lot more recently. I just buy whatever I think looks funny most of the time - t-shirts especially. I also kind of have a thing for cardigans that are too big for me and I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to plaid shirts -especially red ones.

SS: How did you get involved in the Burberry campaign? On the campaign Bailey is quoted as saying "Movement, energy and character are the defining spirit of this new campaign. I wanted to work with an eclectic and talented group of the best British musicians, actors, models and sports people who are new additions to the Burberry family."Following this commendation from one of the best designers today would you say that you were the most stylish member of the band?

Jack Bevan: No. that's a weird question. None of us think like that. Most days we all wake up hungover in the same hotel and have to coax our bodies back into our van. Thinking about how we look is nestled firmly behind: getting a coffee, doing the puzzles in the G2, cutting Edwin’s hair etc.

SS: Most importantly did you swipe anything good from the shoot and what was it like being shot by Mario Testino?
Jack Bevan: No, but I did pester Burberry for a coat. Being shot by Testino was great. I used to study him at university so it was a little surreal. He was really fun. He has some pretty awesome dance moves.

SS: Who are your top three musical style icons? (in terms of clothes as opposed to songs)
Jack Bevan: ...


(Style Salvage approves of this choice, Bjork would be top of our list too!)


This shot is Raf Simons meets Bill and Ben!


Check out the cat stencil on the T shirt on the left! Awesome stuff!

SS: We've frequently discussed on the blog how music influences fashion,but what influence do you think fashion has on music?
Jack Bevan: The same amount of influence smells have on painting

SS: There has been a great deal of media attention surrounding the band, has this affected your wardrobe decisions at all?
Jack Bevan: No, not really. We’re hardly getting papped or anything. I don't think any of us feel that much different to how we felt last year, except obviously there is a lot more to be excited about.

SS: Now that you're rich and famous (or about to be) where will you be shopping?
Jack Bevan: If I ever find myself in the possession of money, I’ll scurry over to New York and move into the Clinton street bakery. From there I’ll order things online whilst eating sweet potato fries and grilled chorizo.

SS: Have you got a favourite item of clothing and what is on your shopping list?
Jack Bevan: Haha, yes! I have this old t-shirt, which is like off-white with a cat's face made out of cheap plastic jewels. It makes me laugh everytime I see it. On my shopping list...I wanted one of those hand made hoodies by panda bear but they sold out.

SS: Finally, we've seen most of the band sporting facial hair of varying types (the moustache Yannis had in the Balloons video stands out) but you have stayed clean shaven: what's your opinion of facial hair? Do you dream of growing a handlebar moustache one day?
Jack Bevan: I wouldn't be able to grow facial hair if I tried. In fact I have tried. I’m trying right now. no, seriously I have no ability to grow anything that's worth keeping.

Jack courtesy of Nilina Mason-Campbell of Not on the Guest List


Writing this post has been a breath of fresh life into our discussion of the relationship between music and style, spawning a number of follow up posts in coming weeks and ideally more interviews! If you like the band and want to buy their debut album (Antidotes)... well, it's not out until March 23 but you can preorder it through their website. We will leave you with the video for their new single, 'Cassius', released this week which Steve likes because it contains offal pendulums!


Thomas said...

"The same amount of influence smells have on painting." Fooking brilliant.

This is exactly the sort of thing I've always wanted to do, but as I have no contact with the music world have never done. Kudos.

Unknown said...

Steve you are an absolute genius - how'd you score this? As above, the fashion/smell quote is so on the ball it actually hurts...
My proverbial -and actual- hat is off to you.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
j said...

Well, does the converse also hold? Does music have the same influence on fashion as painting has on smells? I maintain it does... they are both affected by "what's in the air".

george said...

It's "Foals" not "The Foals"

Style Salvage Steve said...

George - We were pre-empting the envitable rock ‘n’ roll name change a la Eagles scheduled for 2011. We have changed it in line with the current terminology

Anonymous said...

excellent interview, aaaaand great post. i've always loved the style of musicians... they seem to be more style saavy than a lot of fashion designers themselves.

and thanks for introducing me to this band!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice interview. Loved these lines, pretty honest and upwright " I wouldn't be able to grow facial hair if I tried. In fact I have tried. I’m trying right now. no, seriously I have no ability to grow anything that's worth keeping.



Anonymous said...

Interesting ,though I didn't really like tht burberry campaign.It was like mario just told everyone to do whatever they wanted for the shot ,there's like no concistency ,not to mention a few people are blocked out.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I'm obsessed. They reign supreme! Amazing interview.



Style Salvage Steve said...

Lady Coveted - Thanks! We try and share as much as we can with the readers.

Kartlik - We were surprised and relieved by the honesty of the interview. Jack came across as down to earth and funny.

The New Look - I agree that the Burberry campaign was a little too fluid. I always want to see the clothes in more detail. The shots did lack focus but I think they wanted to show the youthfulness of the brand.

DCB - Glad to hear it. I certainly like them and look forward to hearing the album in its entirety.


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