Monday, 4 February 2008

Shopping Diary

I had an easy Sunday morning (and afternoon) in Williamsburg yesterday which began with buying Polaroid film (I just ran out of time before we left London) and then eating brunch at Relish (I had steak and eggs over easy, it was the best meal I've had in New was so damn tasty!). On to shopping, ordinarily I just wander inside and out of shops perusing the rails as I go but this shopping adventure was a little more structured. Yes, I was exploring a new area which offered many a good retail experience but at the same time as I was exploring I was also working to a shopping list. On that list (which was only mental, next time I will write it in my notebook) I had hi tops, raw denim jeans and then the slightly more subjective and vague...interesting pieces. Here is how I got on:

YMC hit tops. If I get bored of the off white leather top I can swap it with a new canvas top as the shoe has a zip fastening to the sole. Two shoes in one!

All of my new purchases forming an outfit. The trousers stand out for me. They are just what I had in mind when i noted them on my shopping list. The jeans fit pefectly, I am an APC 31. Fingers crossed chafing is minimal! I wouldn't wear this outfit all together, it is just used here to illustrate my successful shopping experience in Williamsburg.

Minority top with zip front detailing. This was my interesting piece, so I could tick this one off my list!

My shopping highlights include:
About Glamour - Ridiculously cheap store which mixed designer vintage alongside unknown designers (by me atleast). I had heard that the staff within the Brooklyn stores were a little snooty but the girls here were so helpful and friendly, one of them had even lived in Archway. Anyway as usual I digress. This is my favourite store of New York so far.
Oak - Had a good selection of designers where I took advantage of the strong pound. There was YMC, Y3, Opening Ceremony, Surface to Air on offer alongside some great accessories from the likes of Commes des Garcons, alex and chloe...I could go on and on. In summary this store contained so many items which I was tempted to buy.
A.P.C - This is a surplus store where past seasons have slashed prices (60% off) which are housed in an old bank which has now become a cool shopping space. There was a grey, single breasted wool suit which was extremely tempting but I resisted temptation I bought what I had to buy, a pair of skinny raw denim jeans...all I have to do now is break them in a little, the fear of chaffing is quite a prominent one in my mind right now.

Oh, j'adore the jeans. Clearly the US is the place for jeans since I managed to get two pairs while I was over there too. Speaking of ME, don't forget to bring me present other than the t shirts I've asked for!

The top is very peculiar. I will reserve judgement for when I see it... which, by the way, may be this weekend as I am headed daahn saath. Make sure to have extra exciting things to tell me and enjoy your day of culture!


Anonymous said...

So Loving that Hi Top!!

I'm looking for one since last month.

I wish I could be in New York right now.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I was looking for the right pair of hi tops for months. There are so many nice pairs out there but most were out of my price range!

EJ - The top is a little weird but its very cool. I even gave the option of a little bumbag thing on the front. I walked around and around the Met. Moma was closed so I will go there tomorrow. See you at the weekend then!

EJ said...

'little bumbag on the front'? seriously, i should take a photo of the face that just made me pull. oh dear...

Thomas said...

You got the YMC shoes = jealous. I only just saw that he opened a store there.

Also missed the opening of the A.P.C. store...a poorly timed trip to NY if there ever was one.

Little bumbag...must not drink while reading blogs.

Pret a Porter P said...

Coolest sneakers, ever


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