Friday, 15 February 2008

Homme Deux in the big smoke

I admit that I was slow off the mark but thanks to expressive frontier and all IC my shopping senses were alerted. Anyway, If you've not heard....Dover Street Market debuts (for the first time outside Japan) Rei Kawakubo's Comme Des Garcon's 'Homme Deux ' line this month. Homme Deux is designed by Kawakubo herself with an emphasis on hand finishing and quality fabrics. I am so tempted to vist DSM at the weekend (even though I am pretty much without a single penny to my name) and pretend that I could actually afford them and try on these quality suits. I'm just about to start a new job and even though the dress code is relaxed (the vague code being 'wear what is appropriate' which is obviously much better than the annoying smart casual - which we all know means in the vast majority of offices that 'you don't have to wear a tie but otherwise dress smart') I would love to power dress and walk in with an immeasurable amount of confidence wearing one of these suits!

The early birds might have tipped me off (with that I applaud them) but they failed to show the window display which is pretty cool, using Gilbert and George and complimenting Kawakubo's suits. The matching business suits which Gilbert and Geroge wore for their early performances became a sort of uniform for them, and they rarely appear in public unless wearing them. I didn't actually go to see the massive exhibition at the Tate Modern last year but I seem to recall EJ going and giving it a very positive review. I will have to make do with the window display.

For 40 years Gilbert and George have maintained their seamless double-act, walking in step and talking in antiphon, all clothes, habits and opinions synchronised, all sentences prefixed by a regal "we". For many this could be a little a tiresome but I think I would follow suit (excuse the pun) with one of Kawakubo's hand crafted creations if only my bank manager (do people actually have bank managers anymore?) was a little more giving!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling underwhelmed although, usually for me, the name Rei Kawakubo connotes that feeling.

Having said that, I understand this is probably a collection most suited for personal viewing, I suppose one must run fingers along lapels to fully appreciate.

I'll have to wait 'til Sept!


DanDM said...
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