Friday, 15 February 2008

Picture Postcard: Buttonholed

Dear Steve,

Here is my quiet suggestion for this weekend; an affectation I feel I should encourage.

Go to that enormous bunch of flowers you no doubt bought your girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Clip off one rose (I'm sure she won't miss one from a bunch that big). Pin to the lapel of your jacket or coat. And voila! Easy accessorising! It looked brilliant at the Lanvin show and is surely something that must be tried? I think it is especially fetching during the winter months when everyone is swathed in similar looking big black coats (and when it's cool enough that the flower won't wilt and die within half an hour!).

Bisous old man,


You should know me better than that EJ! I don't buy flowers for anyone other than my Nan. The gf doesn't even have a vase of any description, so first I would have to go vase shopping and well, this doesn't sound much fun at all (I haven't reached that age yet, I may be old in your eyes but things like vases seem a silly extravagence). However, I adore the idea of accessorising with a little help from mother nature. The unexpected sunshine combined with the cold air of February is perfect for sporting a little flower. I'm not a fan of roses as flowers but as pinholes they are pretty perfect. The deep red rose pictured here at the Lanvin show sits perfectly against the dark navy shades. I personally have only worn only one flower in my lapel and this was at my Final Fling (end of Uni ball), I picked a beautiful pale coloured rose which looked amazing for approximately one hour but the June heat soon wiltered my freshly picked companion. So, I will take head of your advice and experiment with some subtle flower adornment in the coming months. I'm sure there must be a good way to increase the lifespan of flowers...maybe I will try freezing them. I'm tired and still a little hungover from my birthday exploits. Off to bed with me.


Thomas said...

As long as he doesn't start inserting whole shrubbery in the there, like Colin...or is it Justin...from Home Heist.

EJ said...

Oh my god, I can't believe you get Colin and Justin in Canada! (though, yes, judging by the header here: , the foliage is a bit OTT!)

EJ said...

steve, you big fibber, you've bought me flowers before... and roses no less!!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Well, that wasn't for Valentines day though. They must have been reduced or something...:)


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