Monday, 25 February 2008

Unlikely fashion inspiration

Watching the "Cigarettes, Alcohol and Rollerblading" episode of Father Ted the other night set me off on an odd train of thought. Dougal (below left, as if you need telling- surely everyone's seen the best sitcom ever?) was wearing a rather fetching knitted tanktop. He's a stylish chap, narry a hair out of place, but normally he wears bright red tank top. Now where had I seen something like this before...?

Dougal, Ted and Nun

Video capture courtesy of Father Ted Online

And then I remembered! The Sartorialist of course, home of all tv sitcom-inspired outfits. It was this chap here to be specific:

(For a moment I thought it was this chap from the facehunter that I had been thinking of but then I realised that he was just Mark E. Smith's clone. Obviously.)


Ian Brown said...

Hey, that's my friend Nick. Everyone get's "sarted" but me. Lame.

j said...

But don't you call that a sweater vest? Or this this just another example of you Brits having trouble with English (hehe).

Anonymous said...


You know Father TED!??!?!

Ahahahaha! Crazy! It's fantastic. Pauline McGlynn(Mrs.Doyle) is amazing.



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