Saturday, 2 February 2008

I landed in New York last night so I awoke this morning into a world that feels more like a film/tv set than anything else. It is my first time in New York (my first time outside of Europe if i'm being honest!) so I am just getting used to this new world. The best little anecdote that sums up my feelings thus far comes from a walk from the hotel down Fifth Avenue in search of a good breakfast (which we found, I had French toast with Canadian Ham) and I saw a church which looked familar. I then realised that it was the church shown in the Sex and the City episode where Carrie bumps into mr Big who she finds out takes his Mum to church every Sunday (I have seen every single episode multiple times because my flatmates have the box set and are obsessed!). As you can read I'm pretty excited and with good reason. There will be so much to write about and show you over the next 6 days. The shops I visit, the sights I see (good and bad) and I will also share with you my little travel outfit diary, which will begin with my travel outfit alongside the first 'I'm going to fly the British style flag' ensemble that will be posted later on today...but first I need to go out and explore this new yet strangely familar land!


j said...

I live about a 10 hour drive from NY, but have several friends and relatives there, so go there at least once or twice a year. I have been to Europe a few times, but so far in my experience NY is the kickiest place on earth. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

NY is truly an uncompromising and thrilling city, hope you enjoy every fast-paced second of your time!



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