Monday, 24 November 2008

Dress as a thinker regardless of the merit of your ideas

Although University seems like a lifetime ago (and from what I remember of it, not a great deal of time was spent attending lectures or seminars) there are a few nuggets of information and strains of thought that I keep with me. The class which is most vivid in my mind today formed part of my Sociology teachings in my third year (I studied Law and Sociology art Warwick) and was titled Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Intellectuals. The role of the intellectual in the English speaking world is something of a chequered category (as opposed to continental Europe where the intellectual is treated with a great deal more respect) where there has always been a suggestion or implication than the intellectual is an ambient troublemaker and should mind his own business. Despite all this, an intellectual is surely something to aspire to and in the twenty first century it is something of an endangered species. As the ideas of intellectuals and academics might be few and far between in the modern age (are we really in a state of dumbing down?) we can atleast express a particular form of thought expression by dressing the part of someone who is a thinker. I recently wrote a letter to Hiroki of Visvim expressing my admiration for the craft of his brand and that I wanted to become a consumer. Another fantastic piece out of the Visvim Fall/Winter 2008 collection has been released for us all to salivate over.

The Academia Jacket 2L comes with a John Hanley tweed upper and a 2L Gore-Tex lining. Classic looks with up to date functionality - perfect.

The moral of my babbling above is that we can all dress as intellectuals and academics regardless of the the merit of thought and the extent of our knowlegde, all we need is the brain functioning enough to choose Visvim.


Anonymous said...

wow,i just want to study in Warwick

ninimedia said...

The subtle placement of patches on each elbow is a fantastical touch. Prevents obvious signs of soiling, allowing you continue appearance of advanced academia (one would imagine).

TheSundayBest said...

The Japanese do everything better, and this is further proof.

Kyle said...

Dressing to fulfill my aspiration to become a faux-intellectual. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Well, I work as a biologist and to come off as a brainy biologist put all thought into biology and zero thought into the wardrobe. Unlike the UK or the continent, in the US intellectuals are just another interest group.

Ca said...

Hahaha, and I imagined you being such a smart and good student at uni!

Classic and well-fitting jackets are the best, can never go wrong. And very proper academic attire, I wear my navy blue one all the time.


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