Sunday, 16 November 2008

A letter to Visvim

The image comes courtesy of Complex, who ran an interview with the mastermind behind Visvim.

Dear Mr. Hiroki
Please accept my apologies for missing your recent talk in London. I read over on thenonplace that you were in town for a day of talks at the V&A as part of the Fashion vs Sport exhibition and my heart sank. I'm so sorry that I missed it but I just didn't know it was on - the press of the whole exhibition has been extremely poor. It's a crying shame becuase all in all it has been an impressive exhibition - I just wish more people knew about it! If I had known I would have come armed with my moleskin and pen which would have enabled my frantic and excited notes, alas it was not meant to be...the time for us to meet will surely come one day.
I recall reading your aims as a fashion designer and entrepreneur which, excuse my paraphrasing, went something like... “I want to make good products, be honest with my customers and enjoy the process.” So simple, yet so many brands lose sight of it. Thankfully, your brand has always followed this mantra. There is a level honesty to your creations and I love them so. Your approach has always been to work through collaborations and to provide your voice to as many publications as request and therefore you have shared your vision whilst competing against larger companies that are much better established in the marketplace.
Despite my fondness for you and your brand I have yet to become a customer. For that again I apologise. People might wonder how I can be so positive about you and yet do not own a single piece of your line of quality goods. I guess I'm currently just a enthusiastic voyeur but this recent miss (the talk) has made me somewhat desperate to become a consumer of your brand. My first purchase will be a pair of Hockney's which were presented to me yet again on thisisnaive.

Please keep up the good work.

Your fan


NB - For some background information on the brand a great interview with Hiroki Nakamura is available on BeingHunted and can be read here.


TheSundayBest said...

The Japanese, I am convinced of this now, do everything better. Even boat shoes.

Style Salvage Steve said...

If I could change my nationailty I've always said that I'd like to be Japanese...which is strange because I've never visited the country (this is something that I look to change in 2009). I agree that they do everything better.


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