Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Men Represent: DIY!

I bet you thought it was over, didn't you? How wrong you were... Possibly our last request of you for this year is my favourite yet. It's time to get creative!

I've noticed that a lot of my favourite women's style blogs do some AMAZING DIY projects, but it's something you very rarely see on men's. Is it because crafts are more popular among the ladies? Do they take more pride in being able to say 'oh this? I made it myself'?

We'd love to see your DIY projects: write up how-tos, create photo guides, film how-to videos. Show the world that you're all just as innovative as the ladies (we know you are, but the world should know too).

Here are a few man-friendly DIY projects to inspire you:

A rather fantastic, if probably time consuming shredded t shirt

Knit your own Steve Zissou hat!

Slim those trousers!

Make an ascot tie out of normal ties

Your project can be as large or as small as you want: you can simply change 3 buttons on a cardigan or you can create your own range of knitwear. Just make sure you write up/film/photograph what you did and the results.


Elizabeth said...

Hooray, I can't wait to see how this goes!

Kyle said...

My DIY projects are usually Hallowe'en costumes! Haha, not much use.

I'm excited to learn a few things.

Anonymous said...

Why don't men do it more often I wonder? Maybe be because within the spectrum of mens fashion there are fewer opportunities to interpret things in a DIY stylee?
My other half can't even sew on a button so I'm most curious to see the more adept do a bit of DIY. It'll be good to see how this works out.

Style Salvage Steve said...

enc - Neither can we!

Kyle - You can certainly put your Hallowe'en outfit making skills to good use in this challenge!

Queen Michelle - I can only speak for myself and the reason I don't embark on more DIY projects is sheer laziness. I have many ideas that never reach a stage anywhere near fruitition! Hopefully as well as inpsiring a few guys on the way, I will actually create something!

Unknown said...

D'you mind if I photo something I altered awhile ago? This will also push me to get some new buttons for my coat...thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Just slimmed and straight legged 2 pairs of pants! This is great!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! Can't wait to see this, you men must have some good ideas too!

Izzy said...

I have done and posted a couple of tiny DIY projects: which reminds me, I should start on new ones!

Jonas Fred said...

Style Salvage - Out of topic. Where can I view the London Fashion Week collections. I have been searching without any hope for Topman, James Long and many other favourites of mine. I am looking for the latest collection as well as the older ones.


Ca said...

Yeay! Can't wait for the results, inspiration from males is always needed.

I've done a few DIY projects but never bothered documenting the progress. Yes, lazy! I've posted them on the blog though. Oh, I actually changed eight buttons last night on a cardigan, haha.

Songy said...

I assume this is only open to men?

DIY said...

Hi Songy,

I'm sure women can submit some DIY projects for mens clothes.

I always find female views on mens clothing interesting.

Charles Baulos said...

hello! I came across your blog and really enjoyed it. :) I'm new to blogging and you're an inspiration :)

please check me out and hope you follow back :)


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