Sunday, 2 November 2008

Recycled Winter Warrior

As posted on Thursday my plan for the weekend was to shop because I felt that my wardrobe was lacking important components which would help guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable winter. I had been inspired by James Long's aw08 collection and my shopping list included chunky knit accessories, leather gloves (which I have bought and subsequently lost for the past few years), an umbrella complete with shoulder strap from muji and most importantly a new winter coat. Yesterday was an awful, wet day made worse by the fact Susie was suffering the effects of her San Francisco trip combined with flu, so my shopping trip was postponed as we decided to turn up the heating and watch DVDs all day instead. Rather than traipsing the streets of London in the rain in search of the items which would help me achieve my 'Winter Warrior' look I raided the forgotten storage boxes on top of the wardrobes and although the look lacks the chunky knit accessories which I crave, the overall look was pleasing, here is the recycled warrior.

The recycled warrior look dissected with details...

1 - Unconditional bibbed white t shirt - this has been a spring/ summer staple of mine for the last two years which has been used as an undergarment here.
2 - Zipped poket detailed sweater by Minority - bought whilst in New York from about Glamour
3 - Unconditional wrap trousers - simply the most comfortable trousers I own which are destined to be my favourite trousers this season.
4 - Boots by Lanvin - a Parisan sample sale find. These aren't for the faint hearted and at first I was a little nervous wearing them but they have already protected my feet from the elements four times over the last week.
5 - Patent belt from Topman - I wish this came in a variety of colours.
6 - Coat by Zara - this is two years old but still looks pretty good.

On a different note, I signed up for Movember yesterday and if I'm brave enough to take part with my dubious facial hair then so can you! Let us know if you would like to join our group which was kindly set up by the one and only Thom Wong.


Giancinephile said...

Great ensemble!

Are those Lanvin boots in patent leather?

dlittlegarden said...

Those boots look fantastic from here -- would love a profile shot of them. Cold weather wear is the best. So many opportunities for creative layering.

I'm making some men's knit accessories for my shop. Would love to hear what kinds of items fashionable men are interested in!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thanks to both of you. They are lovely boots and the cold weather alows greater opportunity to experiment with layers!
giancinephile - The boots are close to being patent but I wouldn't officially classify them as beint patent.
dlittlegardenn - That is great news! I'm interested most in oversized chunky knit scarves and arm warmners. Let me know if you need anything and when you have some items ready!

Ca said...

Wow... those boots! And your coat fit you perfectly, such a good cut.

Elizabeth said...

"Recycled" looks pretty fresh to me!

Pret a Porter P said...

you look amazing!!
that coat, i love!
amazing boots

Songy said...

Great look. I want that coat for myself.


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